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Monday, 31 October 2016

80s Funk Punk Costume for Women

Skulls and Funk Punk 80s Costume for Women
Skulls and Funk 80s Punk Halloween Costume (U.S)

This eye-catching and versatile Skulls and Funk Punk Costume covers a lot of genres and could be used for 1980s fashion dress-up, as well as for punk, rock and Halloween styles. The costume includes a green and black dress with printed skull and cross bones with attached layered skirt giving an 80s fashion look. Although the size is listed as a 14, some reviews suggest that the skirt is a little short. However, you could get around this by simply adding some black leggings, further enhancing the 80s vibe. 


As some reviews also suggest that the costume runs small, you may prefer to order the Plus Size version to play safe.

Plus Size 80s Punk Skulls Costume for Ladies

You may wish to add the green wig to create a more complete and impressive look.

Green Spiky Punk Halloween Wig
Green Twist of Lime Wig

Alternative Costume Ideas

The 80s Pop Party costume for ladies includes a dress (splatter paint top with attached layered skirt with animal print waist band), Fishnet Glovettes and Lace Hair Accessory. Add leggings and jelly bracelets to complete your look.

Plus Size 80s Pop Party Costume for Women
Plus Size Pop Party Costume

Standard Size Pop Party Costume

If you're from the UK then you may also want to view the 80s Punk Costumes for Ladies page at our website simplyeighties.com.

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