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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Top 5 Cheap 80s Costume Ideas for Men

Although there are plenty of costumes available with an 80s theme, many of them are pretty expensive. So, for this post I want to take a look at some fun dress-up ideas that won't leave you feeling broke. Here are my top 5 cheapest 80s costume ideas for men...

2 Tone/Ska Chequered Hat and Braces Kit

1. 2 Tone/Ska Hat and Braces Costume

This low-cost hat and braces kit is a very quick and easy costume idea,  If you have a white T-shirt then you're ready for a fun night out! However, For a more complete look add some wayfarer style shades. Don't worry, you can buy replica Ray-Bans for just a few pounds/dollars.

Ska and 2 Tone fashion borrowed heavily from both 1920s gangster and 1960s mod styles. For a full-on look, you would need items such as a Harrington jacket, drainpipe trousers or jeans which are cut short to show off gleaming white socks, with Dr. Marten boots or Brogues/loafers for your feet. However, these would make for a very expensive costume. Instead, you could simply add a tipped polo shirt and replica Wayfarer style shades.

Ska Dancer Rude Boy Polo Shirt

Braces (known as suspenders in the US) worn over a polo shirt give an authentic, mod-influenced fashion look. There are plenty of 2 Tone/Ska themed T-shirts at Amazon, more particularly the UK store. However, if you're on a tight budget then you can opt for a plain T-shirt.

2 Tone Chequered Braces for Men
2 Tone Braces by Blue Banana (UK)

Ska/2 Tone Tees at Amazon UK

Ska/2 Tone Tees at Amazon US

2 Tone Records T-shirt

You will also find an excellent range of unique T-shirt designs at Redbubble who ship worldwide.

Wayfarer Sunglasses for Ska Costume

Wayfarer replicas can be bought for just a few pounds or dollars.

Slash Guns N Roses Top Hat and Wig

2. Slash from Guns N' Roses Costume

If you've ever dreamed of becoming the 80s guitar hero, Slash from Guns N' Roses, and you have £6 to spare then now's your chance! This top hat with attached wig is a fun idea. Wear with a rock style T-shirt (plain black will suffice) and you're ready to party!

For a fuller look add some dark or mirrored aviator shades and an inflatable electric guitar.

3. George Michael Choose Life Costume

If you're as old as I am, then you may remember George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley wearing those now iconic, Katharine Hamnett "Choose Life" T-shirts on Top Of The Pops. These T-shirts are still a popular seller through our T-shirt and clothing pages at simplyeighties.com, and are available at very low prices. The shirt needs to be over-sized for an authentic 80s look, so you may want to order a size larger than normal and be sure to roll the sleeves.

George Michael 80s Wig

George Michael wigs are hard to find in the U.S., but you could create a very simple and amusing costume using an 80s tee and a mullet wig.

For a complete look add some white cotton trousers/pants and roll up the leg bottoms.

White Pants US

White Trousers UK

Cheap white pumps for 80s wham costume

Add some cheap white pumps to finish off your outfit.

White Pumps UK

White Sneakers US

Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made costume, however, it will cost you considerably more than buying separate items and the footwear is not included.

George Michael 80s Wham Costume
George Michael Wham Costume UK

4. John McEnroe 80s Costume

You cannot be serious! Well, I am being serious and you can dress-up like the loud-mouthed tennis legend very easily with a wig, polo shirt and short shorts. If you already own a plain, white polo shirt then that will be ideal, but you can always buy one pretty cheaply. Shorts were very short in the 80s and many featured a classic V cut out (interlock) in the sides. However, McEnroe simply wore plain, white shorts at Wimbledon, as you can see in the photo below.


80s Tennis Player Wig and Headband

For a John McEnroe costume, you should be able to get away with a plain, white polo shirt and basic shorts, as the wig with headband is really the only component that shouts out John McEnroe. I'm pretty sure there aren't that many people who can remember the exact shirt he wore at Wimbledon, and those that do need to get a life! It is the big hair and headband that people remember the most, as well as his tantrums, of course!

As a polo shirt with the blue and red detailing has proved impossible to find, an alternative would be to wear a Tee displaying McEnroe's infamous catchphrase from his 80s tennis days.

"You Cannot Be Serious" John McEnroe T-shirt

A plain Fruit Of The Loom Polo Shirt costs £4.53 to £8.99 depending on the size.

Short shorts are pretty difficult to obtain these days, but your best option is to search for racer, running or rugby shorts. If you already own a pair of longer style shorts then you can always roll them up your legs to make them look more eighties.

The lowest-priced shorts I could find in the UK were these Optimum Auckland Rugby shorts which cost between £7.99 and £11.99 depending on which size you choose.

Made in the 80's Costume for Men

5. Mr. Eighties Costume

You can create a fun 80s look by using a giant, inflatable mobile phone as the centerpiece. Add a "Choose Life" T-shirt (which is the cheapest of all the 80s T-shirt designs) and you have a decent look for little more than a tenner. You can, of course, also add a funny wig and maybe some aviator or wayfarer style shades for a more complete costume - see the George Michael costume above.

Inflatable Mobile Phone US

Made in the 80s T-shirts US

Inflatable Mobile Phone UK

Made in the 80s T-shirts UK

80s T-shirt Ideas UK

80s T-shirt Ideas US

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Shirt
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Shirt

This alternative Wham lyrics T-shirt is also available in the U.S.

You can read more about 80s fashion at our website simplyeighties.com.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Create a Funny Stuck in the 80s Costume

Men's Black T-Shirt
If someone you know is simply unable to leave the 1980s behind them (or maybe it's yourself!), then let me introduce you to the perfect costume idea.

As well as forming part of a costume - I'll discuss this in a moment - these funny "Stuck in the 80s" T-shirts would also make an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for anyone who lived through this wondrous decade, or thinks that it's still 1985!

Based on the classic Katherine Hamnett block letter slogan T-shirt designs from the 1980s, these tees are available in both black and white for men and women, and come in most sizes. The material used is 100% heavy-weight cotton, so the low price is very reasonable indeed.

I've included picture links to each T-shirt below so that you can make the right choice with ease. I recommend ordering a size up to get that looser look that was fashionable back then.

You may also be interested in Born in the 80s gift ideas, and you can find plenty of these at my website SimplyEighties.com.

Many of the following tees can also be bought on ebay in both the U.S. and UK. They are not available at Amazon U.S. store, sadly

White "Stuck in the 80s" T-shirt for Men
Men's White T-Shirt

Funny Black "Stuck in the 80s" T-Shirt for Ladies
Ladies Black T-Shirt

Women's funny "Stuck in the 80s" white T-shirt
Ladies White T-Shirt

By the way, all of these tees are available in a wide range of sizes from Extra Small to XX-Large (8-18).

Stuck in the 80s Cassette T-shirt
Stuck in the 80s Colour T-shirt

Creating a Stuck in the 80s Costume

Men's Costume

For men, the only other items you really need are a pair of white cotton trousers and some other optional accessories such as an 80s themed wig and wrist bands. You could even add an inflatable mobile/cell phone for extra fun.

Made in the 80's Costume for Men
Made in the 80's Costume
You could buy this ready-made George Michael (Wham!) outfit for men which is also available at the Amazon US store. However, if you weren't born in the 1980s then it's not really relevant.

There are plenty of low-cost, white cotton pants/trousers available at Amazon, and they will be of a more than likely better quality than ones included in the outfit above, which some customers are suggesting are see-through. Of course, you can get around the problem by wearing white shorts.

White Cotton Trousers UK

White Cotton Pants US

Calvin Klein White Loafers

Add some white loafers, cheap white pumps or even hi-top trainers and roll the sleeves of your T-shirt and the legs of your pants/trousers.

White Shoes at Amazon UK

White Shoes at Amazon.com

George Michael Wig (UK)

Wham! 80s Choose Life T-shirt
Choose Life T-shirts (UK)

Women's Costume

For ladies, you could add any number of accessories to your T-shirt. This could be a tutu skirt and /or leggings with leg warmers, and sweatbands for your wrists and head.

Neon Pink 80s Accessories Set for Women
80s Tutu Accessory Set
The quickest and easiest way to complete your costume is with a tutu set like the one above which comes in a wide range of colours in a standard or plus size. This exact set is not available at the U.S. Amazon. However, there is an alternative available by Paper Umbrella.

The advantage of creating your own costume based around a T-shirt is that you can add as many or as few accessories as you please, depending on your budget.

1980s Costume Set for Women
"It's The 80s Baby" Costume Set

Alternatively, you could simply buy this ready-made costume set by Direct 23 Ltd. This one is not available in the U.S. - sorry! Note the fingerless, fishnet gloves and jelly bracelets which were made fashionable by pop stars Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. You may also want to add a hair bow and a beaded necklace.
Woman wearing 80s accessories
80s Girl

This image gives you an idea of a few accessories to look for including big plastic loop earrings, plastic neon bangles and a hair bow. You can find all of these accessories at Amazon.

80s Accessories UK

80s Accessories US

80s T-shirts for ladies collage

You will also find many more 80s T-shirt ideas for the UK on our SimplyEighties website.

80s T-shirt Ideas for Men (US)

80s T-shirt Ideas for Women (US)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Rubik's Cube Costumes for Adults

Rubik's Cube Costumes for Adults

Rubiks Cube fancy dress outfit for ladies with hat and handbag
Rubik's Cube costumes for ladies at Amazon UK

Think of 80s toys, and the Rubik's Cube is often the first one that springs to mind. Launched in 1980 (it was actually invented in 1974), the cube went on to become a true sensation, and also the world's No.1 toy. Who would ever have thought that it would still be popular today? The iconic image of the cube is now widely used on retro products, artwork, clothing, nostalgic websites etc., and there are still numerous books available on how to solve the cube.

For this post, I'm going to look at Rubik's Cube fancy dress costumes for adults. I'm also going to take add the positive and negative points of each costume. Here are my views for the first outfit above;

+ The costume above is a popular choice for ladies through our 80s website (simplyeighties.com), and it's probably the cute matching hat and handbag that does the trick - a great idea! The full outfit is available in a range of sizes, too.

- That headband will probably become annoying after a while!

Before you rush to buy it, there are other some other nice choices to consider...

Rubiks Cube 3D dress for women
Rubik's Cube Dress (UK)

+ This officially licensed 3D effect dress is a little more straightforward and is all-in-one. No extras are needed, just slip it on and you're ready to party! If you're looking for something quirky, it's ideal.

- It's a little expensive and there are cheaper options on the page. Bear in mind that it will be difficult to sit down in such a costume, and going to the lavatory will be tricky!

Unisex Rubik's Cube Outfit
Unisex Costume (UK)
This costume features a 3D cube with holes for your head and arms.

+ It's a unisex design and if you're planning to go to an 80s party/event as a couple then this would be ideal. This outfit is also available at the U.S. Amazon, although is described as being for women for some reason.

- Reviews suggest that this outfit is rather flimsy and difficult to sit down in. Therefore, you may want to choose one of the other options on this page.

Rubik's Cube Second Skin Costume (UK)

Another option is this Rubik's second skin costume which can also be bought in the U.S.

+ It really stands out, and includes a concealed under-chin opening so you can reveal your face, as well as a zip at the back. Unlike the 3D costumes, you will be able to sit down in this one.

- It's quite expensive, and it's not ideal for those of you who are claustrophobic. You'll have to take it off to go and do your business in the washroom!

Rubik's Cube T-shirts

An even easier dress-up idea is a T-shirt. I'll be honest. I've been to several parties wearing a 1980s t-shirt with a funny 80s wig in the past. Let's look at the positives and negatives;

+ It's cheap. There are lots of designs available. The fact that you can wear a t-shirt long after the party has finished, and possibly for years to come makes it extremely cost-effective.

- You may be called a cheapskate or a tight-fisted git.

Best places to buy them;

Rubik's Cube Tees at Amazon.co.uk

Rubik's Cube Tees at Amazon.com

Rubik's Cube Tees at Redbubble.com

I highly recommend checking out Redbubble where you will find lots of exclusive and interesting designs created by independent artists. They ship worldwide, too.

There are dozens of designs available, and here are a few examples. Please note that most of these are available in a range of different colours

Official distressed look Rubik's Cube T-shirt
Official distressed Rubik's T-shirt (US)
I love the look of this tees which looks like it's been in your wardrobe since the 1980s! This tee is available in plus sizes up to 3 x X-large.

Twister Costume
Alternative Costume Idea

There are several outfits available based on the classic party game Twister for both men and women. This theme is ideal not just for 80s events, but for just about any decade from the 1960s onwards. The game was actually invented in 1966 by Charles Foley and Neil Rabens.

Rubik's Cube Big Bang Theory T-shirtWell, I hope you have found this post useful, and here are some useful links;

You can read more about 80s fashion at my website simplyeighties.com.

80s Costume Ideas for the UK at simplyeighties.com

80s Costume Ideas for the U.S. at 80sfashion.clothing