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Monday, 31 October 2016

80s Funk Punk Costume for Women

Skulls and Funk Punk 80s Costume for Women
Skulls and Funk 80s Punk Halloween Costume (U.S)

This eye-catching and versatile Skulls and Funk Punk Costume covers a lot of genres and could be used for 1980s fashion dress-up, as well as for punk, rock and Halloween styles. The costume includes a green and black dress with printed skull and cross bones with attached layered skirt giving an 80s fashion look. Although the size is listed as a 14, some reviews suggest that the skirt is a little short. However, you could get around this by simply adding some black leggings, further enhancing the 80s vibe. 


As some reviews also suggest that the costume runs small, you may prefer to order the Plus Size version to play safe.

Plus Size 80s Punk Skulls Costume for Ladies

You may wish to add the green wig to create a more complete and impressive look.

Green Spiky Punk Halloween Wig
Green Twist of Lime Wig

Alternative Costume Ideas

The 80s Pop Party costume for ladies includes a dress (splatter paint top with attached layered skirt with animal print waist band), Fishnet Glovettes and Lace Hair Accessory. Add leggings and jelly bracelets to complete your look.

Plus Size 80s Pop Party Costume for Women
Plus Size Pop Party Costume

Standard Size Pop Party Costume

If you're from the UK then you may also want to view the 80s Punk Costumes for Ladies page at our website simplyeighties.com.

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80s costume ideas for ladies (U.S.)

80s costume ideas for ladies (UK)

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Don't You Forget About Me T-shirts

Don't You Forget About Me T-shirt for Ladies - 11 colours
Ladies Crewneck 80s T-shirt - 11 Colours

For this post I'm going to transport you back to 1985. There are too many memorable moments from this glorious year to feature in one blog post, so I'm going to focus on just two of them.

Firstly, Simple Minds were enjoying success in the music charts with their best-known hit Don't You Forget About Me. This song, of course, featured on the soundtrack to the classic John Hughes teen drama The Breakfast Club, and was played in the opening and closing credits.

You can celebrate both the film and the song (two golden moments in time!) with one of several T-shirt designs. You can't fail to have noticed the first one here at the top of this post. It has an azalea pink colour, but there are another ten to choose from so there's something for everyone. The tee is available in sizes from 8 to 16 and the supplier states that it is usually despatched the next day by first class post.

View all Don't You Forget About Me T-shirts at;

Amazon.com (United States)

Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom)

Redbubble.com (Worldwide)

If you would like a unique design created by independent artists, then I can recommend Redbubble. Their designs are not available anywhere else, and all designs can be printed on a full range of tops (V neck, tank top, sweatshirt etc.) and come in a wide range of colours for both men and women.

Okay, let's take a look at some more of the designs available...

Don't You Forget About Me Simple Minds 80s T-shirt - 10 colours
Men's Simple Minds T-shirt - 10 Colours (UK)
Gents will be pleased to know that there is also a T-shirt avaiable for them in 10 colours - the pink choice has been omitted as I can't imagine there being much demand for it!

Now, I really like the design, but if it's not for you then how about one of these tank tops;

Women's "Don't You Forget About Me" 80s Tank Top
Don't You Forget About Me Vest Top Ladies
This 80s-inspired top features the title of the Simple Minds song written in a Flashdance style font. It's an unusual combination, but makes this top ideal for an 80s workout look. It is also well-suited to wearing to at an 80s festival such as 80 Rewind and for fancy dress. Unfortunately, this one isn't available in the U.S. - sorry!

Black Don't Your Forget About Me John Bender T-shirt
Fist Pump Tee for Men or Women at Amazon.com
This T-shirt by Amazing Designs  is available for both men and women in five colours and a range of sizes, and it's one of the best value shirts I've seen.

Breakfast Club Don't You Forget About Me T-shirt
Breakfast Club Characters T-shirt
This is my favourite design, and features the five Breakfast Club characters with the separate words printed onto each one. It's a clever idea and this tee is available from just £14.99 in the UK and $24.80 in the U.S. at Redbubble. These prices are subject to change, of course.

Men's Simple Minds Vest Top
You may also be interested in the classic style Simple Minds T-shirt which is very similar to the one I used to wear back in the day.

Classic Simple Minds 80s T-shirt - Black
Men's Classic Simple Minds T-shirt
This T-shirt is available in sizes from small to XXXXXL which just about covers everyone I think! Black is the only colour choice, but there were only ever black or white tees at the concerts I used to go to, so it's an authentic choice.

View Simple Minds T-shirts at Amazon.com

Judd Nelson and Molly Ringwald Breakfast Club T-shirt
See More Breakfast Club T-shirts (UK)
The link above will take you to a range of Breakfast Club T-shirts for both men and women at Amazon UK, which, hopefully, includes the one featured which displays Judd Nelson as John Bender and Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish - a rebel and a princess indeed!

All Breakfast Club T-shirts (U.S.)

By the way, you can watch the video for Don't You Forget About Me at my website where there are also pictures of the the Breakfast Club soundtrack album front sleeve and the Simple Minds single sleeve.

If you're from the UK, then I can also recommend visiting the 80s Rock and Pop Band T-shirts page at my website SimplyEighties.com for an A-Z of ideas.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Ideas for 80s Party Decorations

80s Hanging String Decorations
80s Hanging String Decorations (UK)

Blank Audio Cassette Tape
Use old cassettes to decorate a room
If you want to host an 80s-themed party and you need ideas on how to decorate a room, then you've come to the right place! I hope to give you a little inspiration in this post, so read on and I'll reveal some ideas that should get you started, at least.

Further down, I'll take a look at some terrific items that you can purchase to give a room an instant eighties look. But let me start with a free way to decorate your room with items you already own. If you have any old cassettes or video tapes (blank or commercial) then why not place them in small stacks in different areas of the room? You can also do the same with old toys, too. So, if you have an old Rubik's cube or Etch-A-Sketch then dig it out now. Your guests can also play with them, too!

Cassette Decorations

I have a friend who stuck some old cassette tapes onto a square vase and filled it with flowers. It looked really effective. Simply stick on with Blu-tack or self-adhesive strips which, unlike glue, won't leave a mess or damage your vase or tapes.

By the way, you can actually still buy blank cassette tapes from Amazon, believe it or not, so if you don't have any to hand then you still have this option open to you.

You could even create your own hanging cassette decorations.

Retro Cassette Tape Bunting for an 80s Party
Cassette Tape Bunting by 80s Material Girl
This low-cost cassette tape bunting features authentic cassette designs that look just like the brands I used to buy back in the 80s such as Memorex and Maxell. If you hang above a shelf, then you can add other items underneath such as the retro toys as shown in the picture above.

Alternatively, why not create your own bunting using real cassettes?

Blue Suitcase Record Player
Suitcase Record Player (public domain photo)
Vinyl Decorations

Another option is to dig out your old vinyl. Suitcase record players are very much in fashion at the moment and one of these would look great at any party, and you guests could will have fun choosing which records to play. Maybe you could ask them to bring their own favourite single or LP along with them.

Alternatively, you can mount records on your walls to use as a decoration or thread colourful ribbon through the centre and create hanging decorations.

Vinyl Record Wine Rack
Vinyl Wine Rack
Here is a photo I found by Esmagnus (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Now, don't ask me whether this was a bought rack or a self-made one, because there are no further details given. However, it's a quirky idea, although you will need to make sure it's sturdy enough to hold your wine, of course!

This is a simple idea I found on Pinterest.


We all stuck posters of our favourite pop stars and movies on our bedroom walls back in the day, and a few posters will rekindle some childhood memories for not only yourself but for your guests, too. They're an excellent, low-cost way to add more of an 80s atmosphere to your room. The following links will bring up some popular ideas;

80s Posters at Amazon.com

80s Posters at Amazon.co.uk

Add Some Old Magazines to your Party Room

Now, here's a simple but effective idea. Simply add a few old magazines from the 80s to your room and your guest will have great fun reading and discussing them. They're a wonderful way to get conversations started and rekindle old memories. If you didn't keep any magazines, then you can always try ebay. Search for favourites such as Look-In, Smash Hits, Number One, TV Times and Radio Times. You could even cut out posters/pictures and create a collage for the wall.

Retro Sweets

Add a bowl of retro sweets/candy/chocolate  to each table so that everyone can dip in. Alternatively, place the sweets in paper bags just like you used to get from the sweet shop, or use party favour bags.

There are lots of ideas for British sweets from the 80s at my website.

Pink and White Candy Stripe Paper Bags
Candy Stripe Paper Bags (UK) 
These old-fashioned paper bags are very cheap to buy and would are
Retro British Sweets Edible Cupcake Toppers
Retro Sweets Edible Cipcake Toppers (UK)
Cupcakes are a retro favourite, and these toppers featuring 70s and 80s sweets and chocolate made from edible wafer card and ink are a great idea.

Use Old Toys and Games

Many of us will still have old toys or games that we kept from our childhood. Dig them out, give then a clean, and add them to your room. Your guests will have fun playing with them. You could encourage your guests to play old board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Ludo or Tiddly Winks while waiting for the other guests to arrive, or before the party really gets started. It would be advisable not use use more complex games such as Monopoly or Chess as your guests may be playing for the entire evening!

As I mentioned near the top of the post, the ideal toys would be a Rubik's Cube/Snake or an Etch-A-Sketch which are instant fun. If you have a View-Master with some film reels then they would really go down a storm at any 80s party.

View Master Model G White & Red 001
Original View-Master Toy

Twister Game
Twister Game

There were a great many of us who played Twister back in the day, and it's ideal for kids and adults alike. This is the perfect party game and is currently a best-seller at Amazon (as I write), proving that you can't beat the classics!

Buy Twister at Amazon.co.uk

Buy Twister at Amazon.com

Other popular games were Simon, Connect Four, Guess Who? and Battleship.

Ready-Made 80s Decorations to Buy

I Loveheart 80s Party Balloons
I Loveheart 80s Party Balloons
One of the best places to buy decorations with a 1980s theme is from Amazon or ebay, Here are some links you can use to see everything available;

Decorations at Amazon UK

Decorations at Amazon.com (US)

I also discovered lots of suppliers selling decorations on ebay.

Nothing shouts out "It's party time!" more than balloons. They have been around since Adam was a lad, and add an instant retro party feel to any room. These 80s party balloons have recently appeared at Amazon and are a must-have if you're serious about creating a retro party atmosphere.

80s Slogan Balloons
80s Slogan Balloons
The "Frankie Says Relax" and "Choose Life" slogans are an iconic reminder of the great decade, and now they're available printed on to balloons, too! These particular balloons are only available in the UK and supplied by 80s Material Girl.

80s Party Table Runner
80s Style Table Runner - 5ft
I love the design of this table runner with geometric, neon shapes and 2 tone, chequered background. It will give your table(s) an instant 1980s feel. The link above is for the UK, but this can also be bought at Amazon.com

80s Party Drink Coasters
80s Drink Coasters (pack of 8)
I was very pleased to see these drink coasters which match the table runner. Also available at Amazon.com.

Totally 80's Drink Coasters
Totally 80's Drink Coasters (pack of 8)
These alternative coasters have a very different 8-bit graphics style design, and will be especially appealing to retro gamers. Buy from Amazon.com

There are actually plenty of designs to choose from at Amazon, with some designs featuring computer games such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Some coasters can be bought individually, rather than in packs, allowing you to mix different styles and add some variety to your table.

All 80s Coasters at Amazon UK

All 80s Coasters at Amazon.com

Totally Awesome 80s Party Decorations
Totally Awesome Cut-Out 80s Decorations
These American-style decorations will add some extra 80's colour to your room. There are four in a pack and you can place them almost anywhere you wish. They're not self-adhesive, so you can move them around and use them again and again!

Totally 80's Party Invitations
Totally 80's Party Invites (UK)

Now you've sorted out your room decorations, all you need to do is invite some friends. This pack of fun invitations will show that you're totally serious about your retro party!

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80s Party Food Ideas (UK)

80s Party Balloons and Hanging Lanterns

80s Party Decorations (UK) at simplyeighties.com

I'll leave you with some more ideas - have fun!

I Love the 80s Wall Decoration
I Love the 80s Wall Decorations

This eye-catching  scene setter looks fabulous and is available at; 

Boom Box stand-up party accessory
Boom Box Stand-Up Party Accessory

This stand-up ghettoblaster decoration would an awesome addition to any 80s party room. This item is only available in the United States, but there alternatives Boombox decorations at Amazon UK.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume for Women

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume
Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume
As I write, the weather has a distinctly Autumnal feel and look to it. This has got me in the mood for one of my favourite times of the year, Halloween, I find it incredible just how many people still leave it until just days before the big night before deciding to order their costume. That's a huge risk, and by ordering many weeks in advance you can make sure you have the right size and that you actually will feel comfortable wearing your outfit.

One costume that can be used for both Halloween and 80s themed parties and events. is this fabulous and complete, gothic themed Miss Edward Scissorhands outfit. I say complete, because unlike many fancy dress costume it includes the wig. You will also receive the dress, sleevelets, gloves with attached scissor hands, choker and a belt. The costume looks pretty awesome, and you're certainly going to make heads turn when you go out in it.

There are plenty of suppliers at both Amazon.com and UK selling the outfit, but the cheapest one is Rubies who provide it in a full range of sizes. I have added the two links above. However, if you want to see all of the suppliers for yourself then you can use the two links below.

See All Miss Edward Scissorhands Costumes at Amazon.com
See All Miss Edward Scissorhands Costumes at Amazon.co.uk

For the very lowest price then it's well worth checking ebay. I've added a live UK feed below which includes only top-rated suppliers and lists costumes in price order from low to high. If you're from the U.S. then use this link...

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costumes at ebay U.S.

You will find many more costume ideas for women (with a 1980s theme) at my website Simplyeighties.com.

80s Costume Ideas for Women UK

80s Costume Ideas for Women U.S.

Whatever you decide to wear, have fun! Sara.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Dress Up as Eddie The Eagle

For those of you not old enough to remember 1988, Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards was Great Britain's first olympic ski jumper, and he became famous for finishing last! However, it was his determination to compete without funding (while still working as a plasterer) that caught the British public's attention - we always like an underdog. His biggest achievement was holding the British ski jumping record, although he also broke a stunt jumping World record (unrelated to the Olympics) when he jumped over 10 cars and six buses - now that's impressive.

With the release of the 2016 biographical movie, Eddie has been thrust into the limelight one again. This had me wondering as to whether there was a costume available, as it would be great fun dressing up as the UK's most well-known ski jumper.

After checking the leading fancy dress suppliers such as Smiffy's and Angel's I was disappointed that nothing was available, However, thankfully, there is an outfit being sold on Amazon and eBay, which means this post can be completed with a positive ending and live up to its title!

Eddie The Eagle Calgary 88 Costume
Front View

I managed to find an authentic-looking "Olympic Skier" jumpsuit costume which looks very much like the one worn by Eddie at Calgary in 1988. It even includes his number (42) and "Calgary 88" on the front. The jumpsuit also includes all of the accessories required which are the helmet, pink ski goggles, large glasses and yellow skis. Of course, none of these are real, and if they were then you would be looking at many hundreds of pounds.

By the way, Eddie actually had to wear his glasses under his goggles as he was short-sighted and couldn't see without them and they would constantly fog-up making his challenge even more difficult.

As I write, the costume is slightly cheaper on eBay and can be bought with click & collect at Argos if you live in the UK.

Buy from Amazon.com (U.S.)

Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Buy from eBay

The eBay link is geo-targeted and will work in all English-speaking countries including the UK, U.S., Canada and Australia, although I cannot guarantee the costume will be available in your country.

Side view of Eddie The Eagle Costume
Side View
Now, although the costume isn't cheap, it does look authentic and is far cheaper than buying a real ski suit and the accessories. The outfit is quick and easy to slip into and could be worn to an event or party with a 1980s, movie or sporting theme. You would certainly turn heads and be instantly recognisable.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

How to Create an 80s Punk Costume

80s Punk Man and Woman
Punk Costumes at Amazon UK
Creating a 1970s or early 80s punk look for both men and women is a whole lot of fun, and there are very many different punk styles you can opt for. Punk is about breaking the rules, and this also applies to punk fashion. You can mix and match different punk rock subgenres to create a style all of your own making.

Red Tartan

British punks shoved their middle finger up to the establishment by wearing Royal Stewart, which was synonymous with the upper crust and royalty. Tartan was worn in the form of shirts, skinny jeans, mini skirts, tutu skirts, dresses and jackets, Tartan bondage pants with lots of zips became very popular. You can also add tartan patches or strips to a denim jacket.

The following searches will display an extensive range of tartan and other punk trousers for both men and women. However, as tartan is more synonymous with British punks, the range of products is bigger at the UK store.

Punk Trousers at Amazon UK

Punk Pants at Amazon.com

For a skinhead (heavy mod) style wear tartan braces over a tipped polo shirt, with drainpipe jeans with turn-ups and cherry red Dr. Marten boots. Add a Harrington bomber jacket in colder weather.

Bondage Pants
Red and blue plaid tartan bondage pants
Red and Blue Tartan Bondage Pants

This pair of bondage skinny pants is a popular seller through my website simplyeighties.com. They are available from Tiger of London at Amazon UK. Sadly, they are not available in the U.S.

The store features a wide range of punk and gith clothing products including bondage pants, boots, studs, T-shirts etc. There are also some non-punk items, too. They're certainly well worth a visit.

Sid n' Nancy Ex Army Shirt by Tiger of London
Also at the store, you will find a wonderful range of other punk clothing and accessories including skirts, skinny pants, jackets and studs. The Sid n Nancy jacket shirt above is £12.99 as I write, with £1.99 delivery. This is subject to change, of course.

Hell Bunny Red Tartan Mini Skirt with Buckles

Tartan Skirts

Other styles and colours of plaid tartan also became popular. A fantastic source for punk and gothic tartan skirts and dresses is Hell Bunny at Amazon. You'll find around 60 tartan products to choose from at the British store, although in the U.S. the range isn't quite as extensive. As you will see, some of the skirts feature a punk-influenced bondage theme with buckles and zips.

Hell Bunny Tartan Clothing at Amazon UK

Hell Bunny Tartan Clothing at Amazon.com

Fishnet/Mesh Top

Mesh vest tops can be worn by both men and women. If your female, then to enhance your punk look add fingerless fishnet gloves and/or ripped fishnet stockings/tights.

80s punk girl wearing black fishnet top
Black Fishnet Top
The link above is for the UK, but you can also find a range of Fishnet Tops at Amazon.com in the U.S.

Slashed Skinny Leggings
Cut Out Punk Leggings UK
An alternative to fishnet tights are these cut out leggings which are also available in the US.

Black Leather

This was another popular choice of material in the form of motorcycle jackets, leather trousers and mini skirts. Of course, by far the cheapest option is faux leather, and this is especially useful if you are opposed to the use of real leather products.
Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Finejo Motorcyle Jacket for Men
In terms of value and popularity, this faux leather, punk zip jacket really fits the bill. With a price of just over £20, that will leave you with plenty to buy the rest of your costume with. Although this exact jacket isn't available in the U.S., there are plenty of very similar punk jackets at Amazon.com.

High quality studded real leather punk rock jacket
High Quality Genuine Leather Punk Rock Jacket
At the other end of the scale we have this top of the tange real leather jacket which is available for an eye-watering £245, and that's in a sale. However, you have to agree it looks the business, and if you're feeling flush then you can't beat the real McCoy.

Camouflage Print

Combat trousers with an army/military camouflage print are a cheaper alternative to bondage pants. Jackets and even T-shirts with a camouflage theme can also be worn.

Camouflage Pants
Camouflage Pants by Dallaswear (12 designs available)
The pants above come in 12 different print designs and are available at the UK Amazon. You can see a big range of combat pants sing the links below;

Camouflage Pants UK

Camouflage Pants US

Metal Studs, Spikes and Rivets

These were often worn on denim and leather jackets and were also used on accessories such as belts, bracelets and boots.

Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks T-shirt
Sex Pistols T-shirt
Shrunken or Ripped T-shirts

These featured political and offensive messages, anarchy symbols, union jacks or graphics featuring popular punk bands, Add one or two slashes (or maybe three of four!) to an old T-shirt, or you could buy a new punk T-shirt and give it a distressed look. Some punk tees come with a ready-made distressed print.

Look out for tees with Sex Pistols, The Clash, Union Jack, Anarchy symbol and The Ramones themes.

Punk Tees at Amazon UK

Punk Tees at Amazon.com

You will find a fantastic range of exclusive and original punk T-shirts at Redbubble.com and they ship worldwide. Just select your currency at the bottom of the page on the site. What I particularly like about their website is the fact that each design is available for men and women and on a range of clothing inc. V neck, scoop neck, tank tops, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. They are often available in a range of colours, too.

Punk Skull T-shirt for Men
Punk Skull T-shirt

Bin Liners

The Sex Pistols popularised the use of plastic rubbish bags as clothing. The use of offensive swastikas and safety pins has its origins in New York, but was soon adopted by The Sex Pistols and less mainstream punk acts. However, I certainly would advise you NOT to use a swastika to create your look!

In the 80s, Mohawks and studded leather vests became popular, as did denim jackets.

Sleeveless Denim Jacket with rivet for women
Sleeveless Denim Vest Jacket for Women
The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets can be bought relatively cheaply these days. Add studs, rivets, safety pins and patches featuring tartan, skulls, anarchy symbols, policital messages and punk bands.

Punk Costumes

Tartan Punk Chick Costume - tartan shirt and faux leather mini skirt
Punk Chick Costume at Amazon UK
There are several ready-made costumes available for men and women, and you can add as many or as few extra accessories as you wish, such as studs, patches, a wig and boots. The costume above is only available in size 14-16 for some reason, but is ideal for creating an instant punk look. However, the description does not say whether the boots or boot covers are included, although it is quite likely that they are not.

Punk costumes/accessories at Amazon UK

Punk costumes/accessories at Amazon.com


Gothic Punk Rock Biker Boots for Men
Gothic Biker Boots by New Rock
For punk boots, New Rock have some very interesting designs. Those boots above look fantastic and are available at the U.S. Amazon store, although they were not available in the UK, sadly.

The most authentic boot choice for the UK is Dr. Marten. Tall boots were popular with both punks and skinheads in the late 70s and into the early 80s.

Ladies Punk Ankle Boots
Ladies Punk Ankle Boots
Punk Ankle BootsThese punk-influenced boots have obviosuly borrowed their style from Dr. Marten, but they are about a third of the price. While they're not going to last as long as a pair of Doc Marten's, they would be ideal for fun punk dress-up.

There are literally hundreds of punk and goth boots for women available at Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Knee High Canvas Punk Boots
Knee High Canvas Boots. Black, red or white.
Tall canvas boots were also a popular choice with punk girls. These Converse All Stars replicas are aviailable in range of sizes and in three colours. A similar pair are available at the US Amazon in 27 styles. Opt for black, red, tartan or the styles with coloured laces for a punk look.

Punk Button Badges set of 6
Set of six punk pin badges
Pin button badges are the quickest and easiest way to accessorise your punk costume. The link above is for the UK, but you can also buy them at Amazon.com.

Further reading;

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Punk costumes and clothing ideas for men at SimplyEighties.com

Punk clothing and accessories at Amazon.co.uk

Have fun creating your punk look!

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