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Thursday, 19 January 2017

80s Pop Star Costume for Ladies

80s Pop Star Costume
80s Pop Star Fancy Dress Costume

From the US? This costume can be bought at Amazon.com
For this post, I'm going to take a look at the popular ready-to-go costume above, as well as creating a similar look using accessories.

This very 80s costume by Smiffy's is always a popular choice through my website simplyeighties.com) and it's not hard to see why. The outfit would be a real head-turner at any 80s party or event, and includes a black, 3 tiered rah-rah skirt with neon detailing (these became very popular in the eighties), a brightly-coloured, short-sleeved top and a bow headband.

However, please note that the wig, beads and leg warmers are not included. However, compared to many fancy dress outfits it's a good buy and you can add your own choice of accessories for a more individualistic 80s look. Below I have listed items from both the Amazon UK and U.S. stores, and have used different coloured buttons for each store.

Of course, neon colours were huge during the 1980s, and by wearing either a black top or skirt, this really makes the colours stand out.

What to wear under a fishnet/mesh top

Wear a black lace bra or loose, black cropped top. Madonna caused much controversy when she wore a mesh top over her bra for her Lucky Star video, and teenage girls were quick to try and emulate this style. However, she also wore a loose cropped top during this time.

Madonna Lucky Star Outfit

Sleeveless Crop Vest Top
Sleeveless Strappy Crop Top (UK)

Buy in the U.S.


You may like to leave out the leg warmers altogether, and what would actually suit the costume far better is a pair of cropped capri leggings which were very often worn with ra ra skirts back in the 80s.

Lace was made popular by Madonna back in the day, and lace capri leggings are ideal for 80s dress-up.

Alternative Costumes

If this costume doesn't float your boat then here are some more ideas;
80s Tutu Set

You can see many more 80s costume ideas at our website

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