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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Create an 80s Party Girl Costume

80s Party Girl Costume
80s Party Girl
For this post I'm going to show you how to quickly piece together a costume similar to the one featured above, or create your own variation of it. The main focus of the outfit is the 80s Party Girl T-shirt which has eye-catching, Katharine Hamnett style block lettering in neon colours. Now, you can, of course, use different accessories to create many looks based around the tee. Let me show you how to create the look from top to toe.

80s Party Girl
80s Party Girl T-shirt
The T-shirt

Obviously, this is the main component and I've linked to ebay above where there are usually at least a couple of suppliers selling the tee. If you're from the UK then you can also buy the shirt at Amazon. In the United States, there are many suppliers selling tees based on the slogan at Amazon.com.

Shirts and sweatshirts were often worn off one shoulder and were over-sized, sometimes doubling-up as a dress. I recommend ordering at least a size-up to ensure you achieve a loose look. You can buy T-shirts that are designed to be worn off one shoulder at Amazon.

Off One Shoulder 80s Party Shirt
Off-Shoulder Shirt at Amazon.com

 This T-shirt is not available at the UK store, unfortunately.

Tee Vision 80s Party Girl Slogan Shirt
T-shirt by OneHourTees

The 80s Wig

This is, of course, optional, but there are literally hundreds of wigs you could use and the orange and turquoise ones featured in the two pictures above match with the colour of the lettering. Orange is very much a Halloween colour and using a matching orange wig and ra-ra/ruffle skirt would be ideal.

Fiery Cyndi Lauper 80s Wig
Cyndi Lauper 80s Wig (UK)
This fiery Cyndi Lauper style wig would look great at any party.

Cyndi Lauper Wigs at Amazon.com
80s Funky Fresh Wig for Women by Goddessey
80s Funky Fresh Wig 
This spiky rainbow wig by Goddessey is really vibrant and eye-catching and can be bought from 7th Avenue Store at Amazon.com. If you're from the UK then you can sometimes buy it through ebay although it is not available at Amazon UK, unfortunately.

80s Neon Rainbow Wig for Ladies
80s Rainbow Wigs at ebay
You can view a whole range of colourful wigs available from the numerous fancy dress suppliers on ebay using the link above.

Fishnet Gloves

Fingerless, fishnet gloves will add an extra finishing touch to your outfit and can be bought long or short and in black or neon colours. Madonna wore black, fingerless mesh gloves in 1985 with a Jean-Paul Gautier corset dress at the American Music Awards to give herself an edgy, punk-influenced look. She also often wore lace gloves.

Fishnet Gloves UK

Fishnet Gloves US

Bracelets and Bangles

Neon 80s gummy bracelets and neon beaded necklaces
Neon Gummy Bangles and Bead Necklaces
Brightly-coloured plastic bracelets became very popular during the 80s, as did jelly bracelets which were made popular by Madonna who wore a stack of them on her arms. There is a wide range of 80s and neon bangles, bracelets and necklaces available through ebay (see the link above), Amazon.com and Amazon UK at very keen prices. Add a stack of multiple-coloured jelly bracelets and plastic bangles to your arms.

Neon Plastic Bracelets

80s Skirt

The biggest range of low-cost 80s skirts is available at ebay and these include the tiered ra-ra/ruffle petticoat style being worn by the girl featured at the top of this page.

The quickest way to complete your look is by purchasing a tutu skirt set with leg warmers (scrunch socks) and fishnet gloves included. There is a huge range available from leading fancy dress suppliers at Amazon UK and the prices are very competitive.

Some sets are now available at the U.S. Amazon store, but you can see a wide range of 80s Skirts, Leg Warmers and Fishnet/Mesh Gloves that can be bought separately.

Hot Pink Ruffle Tutu Skirt by Smiffys
Hot Pink Ruffled Skirt by Smiffys
This tiered tutu skirt by Smiffys is a very popular choice and available at Amazon.com (U.S.).


Alternatively, you can wear footless tights or leggings instead of a skirt. It was also commonplace to wear both a skirt and leggings, sometimes with scrunched-up leg warmers. Plain, paint splatter, neon, animal print and capri leggings were popular. For a Madonna style, use lace tights.

Leg Warmers

Plain Neon and 80s leg warmers are in abundance at many fancy dress stores and can be bought for just a few £pounds or $dollars. However, the styles are numerous and you can also use striped designs for a more eye-catching look.

Neon Rainbow Striped 80s Leg Warmers
Neon Striped Leg Warmers
Smiffys in the UK produce a very popular range of 80s neon legwarmers which can also be bought in a range of colours at Amazon UK and Amazon.com in the U.S.

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