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Saturday, 14 October 2017

How to Dress Up as Freddie Mercury in the 80s

Freddie Mercury 80s Housewife Costume
Queen Break Free Costume
If you're looking for an 80s fancy dress costume idea, then have you considered dressing-up as the Queen frontman and rock legend Freddie Mercury?

There are a couple of iconic looks you could go for...

Freddie Mercury Housewife Costume for Men
Freddie Mercury Housewife Costume


Remember when Freddie dressed-up as a housewife in the video for I Want To Break Free? This was one of the most memorable and funniest videos from the 80s, in which the band were parodying Coronation Street.

The outfit is not available in the U.S., sadly, so you may want to scroll down to the next costume if you're not in the UK.

The costume can be found on Amazon's UK store. It includes the pink top, skirt, necktie and belt. Unfortunately, it does not include the Hoover with a light. Nonetheless, you will still be recognisable as the star at an 80s themed party or event. For extra effect, I suggest adding black stockings, a wig and moustache. Fake moustaches are notoriously difficult to stick to your skin, so if you can grow a tash then that would be a far better option.

An easy option is to pencil in a moustache using a black eye liner pencil.

A more expensive but more complete costume is available at Hollywood Fancy Dress in the UK. This includes the wig and moustache.

Black Bob Wig
The closest style wig I could find was this one by Smiffy's. It's highly-rated by customers and would really add the finishing touch to your costume.

Black bob wigs at Amazon.com (US)

If you're brave enough to wear it then you're going to get a lot of laughs at whatever party or event you're going to. If you feel you're not up to wearing women's clothes, then you may be more interested in the next option.

Wembley Stadium Costume

Freddie Rock Legend Costume

When Queen played live at Wembley Stadium on 12th July 1986, Freddie Mercury created one of the most iconic looks of the 80s when he wore a yellow buckle jacket and white trousers with a red and gold stripe down the sides. There are a number of fancy dress costumes available which suit all budgets.

There are many suppliers selling various costumes, but the vest value and best-rated is the one above by Smiffy's. It is also available in a XL size, which is ideal for covering my beer belly!

You can also buy just the jacket. These are pretty expensive but the quality is superior to the one included in a full costume and has premium stitching. The jacket is, no doubt, the main focus of the costume, so you may want to splash out on a decent one if you're planning to wear it many times.

Freddie Mercury Wembley Jacket

To complete your look you'll need to grow or buy a tash, as it isn't included. Freddie without a tash is like a beer with no head - it just doesn't look right! The most cost-effective option is actually to buy a pack of 12. That's not a bad idea as you can play around with the six different styles to see which one looks best.

Whichever option you may go for, there's no doubt that Freddie Mercury was a legend, and a Freddie fancy dress costume is, of course, ideal for 80s or rock star themed parties and events - there surely can't be a soul who can't guess who you've come as, can there?

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