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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Best 80s Earrings Ideas

80s Earrings Montage
For this post, I am going to show you some of the best 80s earrings on the web that will add a nice finishing touch to your outfit.

All of these awesome earrings (above) were handmade and designed by Laura G. Wingrove at Etsy. They look great and are perfect for adding something unique to your 80s look.

There is actually a thriving and growing market for original, vintage 80s jewellery, and one of the best stores to find it at is Etsy.

Creating an eighties look can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Some people may choose to wear something as simple as T-shirt, skirt and accessories, while others decide to go for the full works. One thing is certain, though, a loud pair of 80s style earrings will really add a bit of zest to just about any outfit.

Nothing was discreet with 80s fashion, so you really want your earrings to be seen, so make them big or loud. Plastic earrings in neon colours are ideal.

One of the best stores to find them at is Amazon.

80s Earrings at Amazon.com

80s Earrings at Amazon UK

Girl wearing orange plastic hoop earrings, orange plastic bangles and pink hair bow
80s Look
Neon Hoop Earrings, bangles and hair bow

Lightning bolt earrings for women
Lightning Bolt Earrings (UK)

Lightning bolts and zig zag shapes became a big part of 80s artwork design, as did geometric shapes, particularly triangles.

Lightning bolt earrings at Amazon.com (US)

Purple lightning bolt earrings
Purple Lightning Bolt Earrings at Amazon UK

80s Accessory Set
80s Accessory Set
There are also plenty of complete accessory sets available containing earrings at Amazon.

80s Rhombus Earrings - black and pink
80s Rhombus Earrings

I adore these diamond shaped  earrings, although they are only available at Amazon's UK store.
80s New Wave Triangle Stainless Steel Earrings
80s New Wave Triangle Earrings at Amazon.com

These stainless steel triangular earrings by Sabai NYC could be worn with any outfit, whether at work or at play. They measure around 2 inches by 1 inch. Sadly, they do not ship to the UK.

Triangle Stud Earrings
Triangle Stud Earrings (UK)
If you can wear stud earrings then these alloy (low cost) earrings will certainly be seen at over 9cm in length. They're ideal for 80s dress-up.

Animal Print Hoop Earrings
Animal Print Hoop Earrings

Animal print was everywhere in the 80s, and these leopard spot earrings are lightweight and come in a round or flat design. They're available at Amazon.com and they also ship to the UK.

Neon Pink Hoop Earrings
Neon Hoop Earrings (UK)

Big plastic hoop earrings are ideal and come in a range of colours. Don't be afraid to use garish, clashing colours with your accessories such as orange and pink and yellow.

Etsy is a great place to find original, vintage items or new hand-made items. Chances are that the earrings above may be sold out by the time you're reading this, but it gives you an idea of what's available.

80s Hairbow, Lightning Earrings, Leg Warmers and Fishnet Gloves
1980s Accessory Set (UK)

I particularly like this 4 piece accessory set because it includes a polka dot hair bow, and there are five different colours available. I couldn't find this exact item at the U.S. Amazon, but you may like this alternative set by JustineCostume which comes in a wide range of colours.

Madonna 80s Look
Madonna Mesh Top and Accessories
For a Madonna style then add a crucifix necklace and earrings.

Large Crucifix Earrings by April Kiss (UK)

Multiple Cross Earrings for Madonna 80s Costume
Charisma Cross Earrings (US)

Cassette Earrings
Cassette Earrings (UK)

If you're looking for something quirky, then these Hey DJ Tape earrings make just be for you. These are the best rated by customers, however there is a huge range of other designs available at Amazon.

Well, I hope that I have given you a few great ideas for 80s earrings in this post. Don't miss the 80s Fashion page at our website Simplyeighties.com.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Was Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who Outfit Influenced by Mork & Mindy?

Mork & Mindy Third Season DVD
Mork and Mindy Third Season (1980) DVD
As expected, there has been a lot of talk in recent days about the thirteenth Doctor's new outfit. While the majority of fans seem to adore the look, there are plenty who not shy in stating how much they hate it! However, a Radio Times poll is currently suggesting that around 75% are satisfied with her outfit.

Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who and Mork & Mindy

The first image I thought of when seeing the outfit for the very first time was Mork & Mindy. Obviously, it's not the cropped teal culottes or the David Tennant style long trench coat that I am referring to. But those braces and the rainbow stripe across her top are certainly reminiscent of Mork's style in the late 70s and early 80s. And, of course, Mork was an alien, too.

So did Robin William's outfit influence her look? Well, to be honest, nobody really knows, and that question may never be answered. It could be that the braces are borrowed from the eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith - he wore braces under his tweed jacket - and the person who designed his costume, Ray Holman, also designed Jodie Whittaker's outfit.

Official BBC Fourth Doctor Scarf
Now, the colour combination is very reminscent of the fourth Doctor's (Tom Baker) scarf. At first glance, the stripes on Jodie's top look rainbow-like, but look again and they are much more similar to Baker's scarf.

Doctor Who Weekly Oct 1979 ft. Tom Baker

The overall look is neither masculine or feminine, and not making the Doctor too "girly" is a pretty wise move at this stage, but maybe a more feminine style will develop in future years. The look verges on being like a children's TV presenter, but is saved by the sensible coat and comfortable boots. However, I can't help feeling that the cropped trousers with braces are a mistake and look too comedic and clown like. Thank goodness she is not wearing a Matt Smith bow tie or a Tom Baker hat!

Combining elements of the fourth, tenth and eleventh Doctors is clever, though. Jodie's look is youthful and also quirky. I'm guessing that there will be plenty of young ladies out there who will, no doubt, want to imitate the look.

Embed from Getty Images

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Create an 80s or 90s Acid House - Raver Look

Acid House Clothes collage

Smiley Face T-Shirt for acid house dress-up
With its squelching bass sounds (often created using a Roland TB-303 bass synth) and minimalist production, the sound of acid house first became popular in the latter half of the 80s, starting in 1987. The media were more focused on the illegal raves and psychedelic drugs, but in reality, a good many young folk enjoyed dancing to the new sound in nightclubs (including myself) without going anywhere near any drugs or illegal raves.

What is synonymous with the acid house scene is the smiley face logo, and the T-shirt featuring the logo, along with tie dye and psychedelic clothing, and bucket hats which became popular with ravers.

Baggy over the knee shorts were popular with men. Bandanas and dungarees/dungaree shorts were also worn by both sexes. Some ravers also had yellow whistles. In the early 90s, white overalls, hooded anoracks and yellow dust masks with an "E", smiley face or radiation symbol also became part of the rave scene. Initially, the dust masks were hand-made, and this can easily be done using a white dust mask and neon yellow spray paint. Use a black marker pen to create a black edging (optional) and "E" or smiley face in the centre.

In the early 90s, rave duo Altern-8 wore hooded anoracks with "A" masks

There are plenty of T-shirts available at Amazon.co.uk, (for men and women) and the first one displayed here features the classic smiley face.

See ALL acid house T-shirts at Amazon

This video will give you some ideas on what to wear, although you'll just have to ignore the lousy dancing. You will notice that waistcoats are being worn here, and this style is borrowed from the 60s hippy scene when fringed waiscoats were all the rage.

I also remember Kellogg's and other parody T-shirts with drug references such as "Smack, Crack and Pot" and "Nice Tripsies" being worn.

"Voodoo Ray" by A Guy Called Gerald became a big acid house hit in the late 80s, and Happy Mondays sound emerged from the rave and acid house scene. The band became pioneers of the Madchester sound.

Here are my favourite T-shirts designs I found at Amazon UK...

Men Acid House Smiley Face T-Shirt, Black - S to XXXLMen Acid House Smiley Face T-Shirt, Black - S to XXXLWomens Acid Smiley Face Black T-Shirt - Sizes 8 to 16Womens Acid Smiley Face Black T-Shirt - Sizes 8 to 16Mens Acid House T-Shirt, Yellow or Black - S to XXXLMens Acid House T-Shirt, Yellow or Black - S to XXXLWomen's Oversized Smiley Headphones T-shirt. 14 to 24Women's Oversized Smiley Headphones T-shirt. 14 to 24Acid House Bass Synth Mens T-Shirt - many colours/sizesAcid House Bass Synth Mens T-Shirt - many colours/sizesMens Old Skool Adidas Ringer T Shirt. 4 colours - S to XXLMens Old Skool Adidas Ringer T Shirt. 4 colours - S to XXLMens Old Skool Acid Rave T Shirt. Many colours - S to 3XLMens Old Skool Acid Rave T Shirt. Many colours - S to 3XLEAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT Mens Neon Yellow T-Shirt - S to 5XLEAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT Mens Neon Yellow T-Shirt - S to 5XLMens 303 Acid House T-Shirt, 3 colours. S to XXXLMens 303 Acid House T-Shirt, 3 colours. S to XXXLBanksy Happy Acid House Copper Mens T-Shirt - S to XXLBanksy Happy Acid House Copper Mens T-Shirt - S to XXLMens Loose Fit Acid Smiley Face Tie Dye T shirt - S to XLMens Loose Fit Acid Smiley Face Tie Dye T shirt - S to XLUnisex Old Skool Acid House T-shirt - 9 colours - S to XXLUnisex Old Skool Acid House T-shirt - 9 colours - S to XXLMens Acid House Premium Cotton T-Shirt - S to 3XLMens Acid House Premium Cotton T-Shirt - S to 3XLMens Acid House Logo T Shirt - 4 colours - S to 3XLMens Acid House Logo T Shirt - 4 colours - S to 3XLMens Chicago House Music T-Shirt, many colours - S to XXLMens Chicago House Music T-Shirt, many colours - S to XXL

The bucket hat is strongly associated with the 90s rave and Madchester scene, but the trend started in the late 80s with artists including LL Cool J and Reni in The Stone Roses. For a more 80s acid house look you may prefer to stick with a bandana or baseball cap.

Maple Leaf Bucket Hat
Maple Leaf Bucket Hat
There are oodles of bucket hats available at Amazon, and this maple leaf design comes in a choice of colours. Maybe you already have one gathering cobwebs in a dark cupboard somewhere?

Smiley Face bandana
Smiley Face Bandana at Amazon UK

Here are some more great designs that really caught my eye...

Evil smiley face - Acid House T-Shirt
Wicked smiley face T-shirt

Tie Dye Spiral Acid House T-shirt
Tie Dye T-shirt
Tie dye was originally popular with the the 1960s hippy scene, but re-emerged during the late 80s/early 90s acid house and 90s indie scene. When you select the link above you will also be presented with lots of other designs underneath the main T-shirt - there are quite a few to choose from.

If you're after a more complete look then you'll need something for your bottom half, of course. Bleached out/acid wash denim jackets and ripped jeans/shorts were also popular, and also ripped tights. For ladies, tie dye or psychedelic style leggings are also ideal, and here is an eye-catching design...

Multi-coloured Aztec Acid House Leggings
Multi-coloured Aztec Leggings
There are no less than 34 choices of design for the leggings above, although not all of them are suitable for a rave style. I particularly like this colourful aztec design which would look very "trippy" with an acid house T-shirt.

Use this search for Tie Dye Leggings at Amazon to see oodles of designs.

I'll leave you with some more interesting ideas for rave and acid house dress-up

Acid House T-shirts at Simplyeighties.com

See more 80s fancy dress and 90s fancy dress ideas at our website Simplyeighties.com