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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Funny 80s T-shirt Ideas

Funny 80s T-shirts collage

Get To Da Chopper Predator Arnie Funny T-shirt
Arnie Predator 1987 Get To Da Chopper Tee

Everyone has a sense of fun (well, maybe not my neighbours but that's another story) and a T-shirt that brings a smile to the face of those who feast their eyes upon it brightens up not only their day, but your own day, too. These funny tees have a 1980s theme and are ideal for wearing to the many retro music festivals and events that are taking place this year - 80s Rewind is one such example.

The first T-shirt featured here is available in a range of colours (UK), and it's also available from Amazon's U.S. store, although only in white.

Arnie Choppa T-shirt (U.S.)

Get To Da Chopper Tees at Redbubble (global)

I thought this design was rather amusing and very British! I could add "they'll be tea and biscuits served, too"

80s Fashion Sucks T-shirt
80s Fashion Sucks Funny T-shirt
This T-shirt contradicts itself by stating that 80s fashion sucks using the classic Katherine Hamnett block letter design from the 1980s. It's a clever idea, and this tee is available for both men and women in a range of colours at Redbubble.com. They ship worldwide. Just choose your currency at the bottom  left of the screen on the site.

Made in the 80s Block Letter Slogan T-shirt
Made in the 80s Slogan T-shirt (UK)

This is the ideal theme for anyone of a certain age who was born in the 80s, and would make a great Birthday gift. I've picked this design as it has the block letter slogan style associated with the decade. However, there are plenty of other designs available for both men and women.

Made in the 80s T-shirts at Amazon U.S.

Made in the 80s T-shirts at Amazon UK

Darth Vader Free Throat Hugs T-shirt
Darth Vader Free Throat Hugs Tee

Free throat hugs from Darth Vader - who can resist? I found this funny tee being sold by Go T-shirts on Amazon.

I Roll With Rick Astley Blue and Pink T-shirt
Mens I Roll With Rick T-shirt
Millions of us have been Rick-rolled to Mr. Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video on Youtube by clicking a disguised hyperlink, and this tee is a fun idea. It's also available in olive if you find the pink and blue a bit too in your face. You can buy this at 8 Ball T-shirts and from Refugeek at Amazon UK and at Amazon.com in the U.S.
Vote For Rick Astley Funny T-shirt
Vote for Rick Funny T-shirt - 4 Colours
Alternatively, you may like this "Vote for Rick" design which amusingly uses the song lyrics from "Never Gonna Give You Up". "He will never give you up, let you down, make you cry, say goodbye." The Tee is available from Amazon UK (see link above) and Amazon.com in sizes up to XXXL and in black, navy blue, sports grey or white.

Women's Don't You Want Me Baby 80s Lyrics T-shirt
Human League Lyrics  Ladies T-shirt
Youngsters will probably have no idea what this T-shirt is referring to. Of course, we all now that it refers to the lyrics from the chart-topping song by synthpop band Human League from 1981. It's available from Direct 23 at Amazon for just £7.99 inc. delivery (as I write). Sizes range from 8 to 16, although you can only buy it in black, but at this price who's complaining? This tee is not available in the U.S. - sorry!

I Come With My Own Theme Music T-shirt
I Come With My Owm Theme Music Cassette T-shirt
This is the perfect funny shirt for those of us who remember creating our own mix tapes back in the day. This tee is available for ladies in sizes small to X-Large.

A number of different designs are available with the same theme for Men and Women.

View All Theme Music Cassette Tees

Choose Death Wham Alternative T-shirt
Choose Death Wham Alternative T-shirt
The most popular T-shirt sold through our 80s website (simplyeighties.com) is the classic "Choose Life" design. However, this alternative design is a fun(?) idea and is guaranteed to turn heads. It's also perfect for fans of death metal, too. This design from 8 Ball T-shirts is the best I've seen in terms of the letter spacing and has an authentic 80s look, although there is also a similar Tee available at Amazon's U.S. store

Old School VHS Cassette T-shirt for Men
Men's Old School VHS T-shirt
Show everyone how old school you are with this video cassette themed tee. It's currently just £7.99 at Amazon, 100% cotton and comes in sizes from S to XXL. The only colour available is white, but it shows your truly old school - plain and simple! In the U.S. store the T-shirt is black - don't ask me why?!

"I'll be Back" Arnie Pink Ladies Tee Shurt
Arnie "I'll Be Back" T-shirt
Just about everyone has heard of Arnie's catchphrase from The Terminator movie, There are numerous T-shirt designs with an "I'll Be Back" theme available at Amazon.co.uk, The design above is available for women in a big choice of colours and for sizes from 8 to 20.

See all "I'll Be Back" T-shirts

See "I'll Be Back" T-shirts at Amazon.com

There will be oodles of people wearing the classic "Frankie Say Relax" T-shirt at the numerous 80s events, especially as Frankie Goes To Hollywood's ex-lead singer Holly Johnson will be attending several of them this year (2018).  However, if you want something more original and funny, there are plenty of alternative and Frankie Says tees available.

Black Frankie Says Too Much T-shirt Men's
Frankie Says Too Much T-shirt UK
If you are well and truly fed up with what Frankie Says then this is the tee for you! The men's T-shirt is available in seven colours for sizes small to XX-Large. The ladies tee comes in six colours and the same range of sizes. A blue T-shirt with the same slogan is available at Amazon.com.

Keep Calm and Om Nom T-shirt
Keep Calm and Om Nom T-shirt
If you're a retro gamer (or you know one) then this fun Pac-Man themed T-shirt available at Amazon UK in six colours and is ideal for the fans of 80s gaming. You may also like these designs...

I also found these design at Amazon's U.S. store...

Back in my day we had 9 planets t-shirt
Back In My Day We Had 9 Planets T-shirt
Yes, we did indeed have nine planets until some bright spark decided to declassify Pluto, that is - how very dare they! This shirt is available from 8 Ball T-shirts in black or navy for sizes up to XXXL.

Need more ideas? You can view many more 80s T-shirt ideas at our website.

If you're in the United States, you'll find some awesome 80s T-shirt themes at 80sFashion.Clothing

A wide range of unique 80s T-shirt designs by independent artists are available at redbubble.com. They ship worldwide and most designs are available for both men and women in many colours.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I Love The 80s T-shirts for Ladies

For this post, I would like to show you the latest range of "I Loveheart the 80s" T-shirts which have become available in recent weeks.

Whether you're planning to go to an 80s fancy dress party, festival or event, or you simply want to show your appreciation for your favourite decade, these T-shirts are straight to the point and look pretty fantastic, too.

By far, the biggest range of T-shirts can be found at Amazon.co.uk, and the prices are pretty competitive, too. Many have an off one shoulder design, which is perfect for eighties dress-up.

I loveheart the 80s black and pink T-shirt
Northwest Exclusive Off Shoulder 80s T-shirt

I particularly like this design which is available for a very decent price.  It's available in sizes 6 to 16, and I would suggest ordering a size up to ensure you get that oversized 80s look.

See all I Love the 80s T-shirts at Amazon UK

I Love the 80s T-shirts at Amazon.com

There are also plenty of designs at the U.S. store, although many designs are not available at both stores.

An extensive range of designs can also be found from suppliers at ebay, and the prices here are the lowest on the web which is particularly useful if you plan on buying tees for a group.

I Love the 80s T-shirts at ebay - UK, US, Canada, Australia

I Love Eighties Miami Sunset and Triangle T-shirt Ladies

I adore this Miami sunset and Triangle design Tee by Art-Broken at Redbubble which is available is in sizes from XS to XL. It has a scoop neckline so you should be able to wear it off one shoulder. I would strongly suggest ordering a larger size than normal. By the way, you can change your country/currency at the bottom of the page at Redbubble.

Here are some more eye-catching designs I discovered at Redbubble...

Awkward Styles Women's I Love The 80's Off The Shoulder Gray T-shirt
Awkward Styles Off Shoulder 80s Tee
This design is only available in the U.S., although the supplier does ship to the UK for a small shipping charge. This tee is available in six colours for sizes Small to XX-Large.

Pink I Loveheart the 80s T-shirt by YTHH Fashion
YTHH Fashion Low-cost Pink 80s Tee
This crisp design is available at the UK Amazon and in ten colours for sizes 6 to 16. I am unsure as to whether they ship to the U.S., but they do not sell any tees at the US store, unfortunately.

YTHH have a substantial range of these T-shirts with various designs. Here are some of my favourites;

YTHH Fashion Womens Ladies I Love The 80s T-Shirt 80's Fancy Dance Party Dress up Costume Top#(5899#Black T Shirt I Love The 80s Print#UK 8#Womens)Womens I Love The 80's T-Shirt Fancy Dress Outfit Casual Wear Hen Party Top#(5858#Black T Shirt/I Love The 80s Print#UK 12#Womens)YTHH Fashion Ladies I Love The 80s T-Shirt 80's Fancy Dress up Neon Costume Party Wear Top#(5908b #Pink T Shirt I Love The 80s Print#UK 12#Womens)YTHH Fashion Womens I Love The 80s Print Tshirt#(6223#Purple T Shirt/I Love The 80s Print#UK 8)YTHH Fashion Womens I Love The 80s Print Tshirt#(6233# GreenT Shirt/I Love The 80s Print#UK 16)YTHH Fashion Womens I Love The 80s Print Tshirt#(6215#WhiteT Shirt/I Love The 80s Print#UK 12)YTHH Fashion Womens Ladies I Love The 80s Print Strappy Racerback Dance Lycra Vest Top#(6403#Yellow Vest/I Love 80s Print#UK 14#Womens)YTHH Fashion Womens I Love 80s Neon Skirt Off Shoulder T Shirt Leg Warmers Gloves Set (Black 6225 Off Shoulder T Shirt80s Tutu Skirt Gloves Leg Warmer Set# Small (UK-8)#Womens)

All of these are available in a range of colours, so if you find any of these ghastly you can choose a different colour, thankfully!
I Love the 80s Triangle Art T-shirt
I Love the 80s Triangle Art Tee
I love an 80s triangle and this design is very striking. It's available for Men, Women and Kids at Amazon.com. Sadly, this item does not ship to the UK - darn!

I Loveheart 80's T-shirt, Skirt, Leg Warmers and Fishnet Gloves
Available in nine colours for sizes 8 to 16, this is a complete 80s costume set and perfect for festivals and fun runs. It's only available at Amazon UK.

The following tees feature the best designs available from Northwest Exclusive...

Northwest Exclusive Woman I Love The 80s leadies Rock Star Party Music Fancy Dress Costume Disco #(6363#Black T Shirt I Love The 80s Print#UK10#Womens)Northwest Exclusive I Love The 80s Top Ladies T-Shirt Pop Star Retro Off Shoulder Party Tee #(6403# BlackT Shirt/I Love The 80s Print#UK 12)Womens Ladies I Love The 80s Printed Cami Swing Vest Flared Top Party Outfit#(6403#Royal Blue Cami Swing Vset Top I Love 80s Print#L/XL(UK 16-18)#Womens)Northwest Exclusive Womens I Love 80s Off Shoulder Fancy Festival Ladies Outfit T Shirt (Yellow 6399 Off Shoulder T Shirt# X-Large(UK-14)#Womens)Northwest Exclusive Womens I Love The 80s Print Tshirt#(6237#Royal Blue T Shirt/I Love The 80s Print#UK 10)

Well, I hope you have found this post useful and that you find a design to your liking.

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