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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Oversized, Off-Shoulder Tops and Shirts

80s Off-Shoulder Baggy Jumper for Ladies
Off-Shoulder, Wide Neck Baggy Jumper
If you're of a certain age then you will probably remember the craze for wearing huge, oversized sweatshirts and baggy jumpers back in the first half of the 1980s. After Jennifer Beals wore a grey, off-shoulder sweatshirt in the 1983 romantic dance movie Flashdance, it seemed like every female wanted to copy the look. They were worn like a dress and many variations of the style were created by fashionable women during the 1980s.

To recreate the look you're going to need a very large sweatshirt, obviously, with a loose neck opening. You can also use a long and loose fit T-shirt.

Buy in the UK

The first baggy jumper featured here is very reasonably priced and features a wide neck allowing it to be worn off one shoulder.. It's available in sizes from 8 to 22 and is ideal for an 80s party or event. Add footless tights/leggings and leg warmers for an 80s workout/dance style.

Buy in the U.S.

There are plenty of of slouchy, off-shoulder top at Amazon. One of the best ways to locate these is by searching for Flashdance Costumes which displays a wide variety of options.

Gray, Off One Shoulder, Baggy Top
Grey version of the same top

flashdance costume for women
Flashdance Costume at Amazon.com
Flashdance Gray Dress Top for Women
This ready-made costume includes a gray sweatshirt with the Flashdance logo, black leg warmers and headband. However, it's a little expensive, and you can create a similar look for a lot less using the seperate items which come up when you search for Flashdance Costumes.

You can also buy this costume at the Amazon UK store.

Off Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Top
Off-Shoulder Batwing Sleeved Top (UK)

This low-cost, long top with batwing sleeves is available in a wide range of colours and sizes from 8-22. Reviews suggest that you should order a larger size than normal as it is a little clingy, but It's a popular choice through my website SimplyEighties.com and the grey is ideal for creating an 80s flashdance look. Again, you can add accessories to create the style you're after.

I Love the 80s Off-shoulder tee with leggings, leg warmers and hair bow
I Love the 80s Outfit for Women (UK)
This "I Love the 80s" costume represents excellent value for money and includes an off-shoulder tee, leggings, leg warmers and headband. However, only one size is available for 14-16.

I haven't been able to find this outfit in the U.S. However, the T-shirt is available seperately, and you can easily accessorize by adding leggings, leg warmers, wristbands and a hair bow

80s Party Girl Off-Shoulder Tee
80s Party Girl T-shirt
This "80s Party Girl" T-shirt with neon block letters looks fantastic, although doesn't include any of the other accessories. I would highly recommend ordering at least a size up to get that loose 80s style and to wear off one shoulder.

80s Party Girl Shirts U.S.

Sadly, this design is not available in the UK.

80s off-shoulder T-shirt for Ladies - Pink
Pink 80s T-shirt for Ladies
This pink eighties T-shirt (UK only) is a best-seller on my website, and based on customers feedback, I would suggest purchasing a larger size than normal (possibly two sizes up) as it is cut on the small side. However, it's low price makes it ideal for fancy dress purposes. Add all (or some) of the following accessories and you have a complete costume; plain leggings, tutu skirt, fishnet gloves, neon bangles and 80s earrings.

Black Off-Shoulder "I Love the 80s" T-shirt for Women
Black Off-shoulder T-shirt (U.S.)
Black off shoulder T-shirt for 80s fancy dress

As with the pink tee, customer feedback suggest you really need to order a size up, and for an authentic 1980s style, a loose fit tee is recommended.

Another popular 80s fashion was the crop top, and these can also be worn off one shoulder, too. This trend was started by Madonna after she wore a cropped mesh top in the video for her hit song Lucky Star. It quickly caught on, and flashing your belly button became highly popular with teen girls.

Black Mesh Crop Top - Madonna Fancy Dress

The black, cropped mesh top shown above is ideal for Madonna or 80s Punk dress-up.

For a full range of costume ideas for women, use the following links to my website simplyeighties.com;

80s Costume Ideas for Women UK

80s Costume Ideas for Women U.S.

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