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The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (T-800) T-shirts

It's only a couple of months until Halloween (how time flies as you get older!) and I thought I'd inspire you with an 80s T-shirt idea that you can wear. Skynet's first cybernetic organism was the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (or T-800), and as an endoskeleton makes the perfect choice for a Halloween or horror T-shirt theme. In the first movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course, plays the role of the cyborg antagonist, who's sole mission is to terminate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). The first two movies were truly jaw-dropping back in the day, and remain my two favourite sci-fi movies of all time. So let's take a look at some of the best T-800 designs that are worthy of being worn to celebrate these iconic movies by the legendary James Cameron. From the U.S.? Check out my Terminator T-shirt ideas at   My top choice is this so very 80s themed The Terminator T-shirt . This is an awesome design, but it unfortunately only comes in 3XL for

Teen Wolf 80s Movie T-shirts

Although it's still officially the summer (the weather thinks differently!), Halloween is fast approaching, and so I thought I'd come up with a unique idea for a Halloween themed T-shirt. While most people will opt for the darker slasher movies for their theme, I though that it would be nice to opt for a more light-hearted, fun theme just for a change, and Teen Wolf is the perfect choice.  The coming-of-age 80s comedy movie starred Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard, a teenage high school student who suddenly finds himself sprouting hair at the most awkward moments. He turns into the wolf while playing basketball, and turns the Beavers basketball team's fortunes around, winning them their first game in 3 years.  Anyway, I won't rabbit on about the plot, as I'm sure you all have watched the film countless times. So let's take a look at the T-shirts available in the UK. From the U.S.? Check out these Teen Wolf Tees at my website   First

Colourful 80s Cassettes T-shirt for Adults and Kids

Colourful 80s Cassettes T-shirt If you were to ask me to name just one thing that is synonymous with the 80s, then the cassette tape would definintely be high up on the list, and I am going to show you a bright and colourful T-shirt featuring cassette tapes and 80s geometric shapes, which is the perfect way to celebrate the greatest decade ever! You may remember that rewinding an audio or VHS cassette was a pain, and there was always the chance that the tape would get tangled up in your player, especially if you could only afford a cheap Saisho system from Dixons, like myself! I certainly spent many an hour trying to unravel the spools of tape and salvaging my latest Now That's What I Call Music tape! But despite all of this, I actually really miss listening to my own mixtape of songs I'd recently taped off the radio, using multi-packs of C60 blank cassettes by Maxell, TDK and BASF. I remember playing them in my car on the way to work, or on a night out with friends, hoping th