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Create an 80s Aerobics Fashion Look

Let's Get Physical 80s Workout Costume During the early 1980s, it felt like the whole world had gone aerobics crazy. Females everywhere donned leotards, leggings, headbands and legwarmers, and some were even on rollerskates! Pop stars and actresses were responsible for starting the craze. Olivia Newton-John started a headband fad after the release of here raunchy Physical video in 1981, and the song quickly became an aerobics anthem. And just about every home had a Jane Fonda workout video in their collection - often proudly on display on a book shelf in the living room, or carefully placed on a coffee table for all to see. However, contrary to popular belief, not everyone was wearing neon. Take a look back at the old workout videos and you'll see a whole range of colours and styles being worn. Some leotards were shiny, some had stripes and others were pastel. Zebra stripes, leopard print, and splatter paint designs were also worn by some. There were often (but not always)

Quick and Easy 80s Skirt and Shirt Costumes

80s Skirt and Off One Shoulder Lips Shirt For this post, I'm going to show you how to quickly put together a no-fuss, quick and easy 80s costume using low-cost skirts, shirts and accessories at Amazon, and also ready-made fancy dress costumes. You can get an authentic eighties look by using an off-one-shoulder, loose and over-sized top, preferably with batwing sleeves. I would recommend ordering a larger size than normal to get that loose feel. So what about the skirt? Layered, neon tutu and ra-ra skirts are always a popular choice, or you could go for a longer length, black petticoat skirt for a Madonna look. So, now I want to show you the two most popular ladies 80s costumes being sold through my website   Women's 80s Costume Set - Lips Print T-Shirt, Adult Tutu Skirt, Lace Headband, Neon Lightning Bolt Earrings, Necklace, Leg Warmers, Fishnet Gloves and Bracelets Honey B's I Love The 80s Ladies Costume with T-shirt, Tutu, Legwarmers, Fi