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Create a Distinctive 80s Look using Triangles

Type "80s triangles" into Google and you'll be bombarded with a huge range of artistic backgrounds and clothing. Geometric shapes including triangles were frequently used by graphic designers in the 80s, and they have become more recently associated with synthwave and retrowave music, which has a strong 80s vibe. For this post, I'm going to concentrate on creating an 80s costume using triangles. Firstly, I would suggest going over to Redbubble (who ship globally) and doing a search for 80s Triangles which will present you with a wide range of just about everything from T-shirts to mugs. Click on any product and scroll down the page, and you will see a link to the full range of products with that design. And that's what's great about this site. Every design is available on multiple products. You can also do the same at Etsy where you find much inspiration, and they have a particularly good range of triangular earrings. As you will see below. Triang

Create an 80s YUPPIE look with an Inflatable Mobile Brick Phone

Do you remember when mobile phones were the size of a brick? Back in the 80s, they certainly weren't very portable, and only the well-to-do could really afford one - which certainly wasn't me! To start this post, I bring you this over-sized, blow-up 80s style brick phone . It's a fun accessory that is ideal as an 80s party decoration or as an addition to a fancy dress costume. Thankfully, the price isn't as huge as the phone! You can add your phone to the Made in the 80s costume shown above. , Don Johnson/George Michael Wig and cheap aviator shades . You can also buy a ready-made costume, although it doesn't include the wig. Of course, it doesn't have to be that particular T-shirt, and you can find oodles of ideas at our website 80s T-shirt Ideas for Men Smiffys 80's Street Wig Men's Made in the 80s Costume - T-shirt and White Trousers Retro 80s Aviator Shades Large Inflatable 80s Mobile Phone by 80s Material Girl Creat