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Best 80s Ghostbusters Logo T-shirts for Halloween

Official Ghostbusters 80s Pumpkin Logo T-shirt I have for you today, some very inventive 80s Ghostbusters Logo T-shirt designs, which are just perfect for Halloween.  My top choice features the 80s Ghostbusters movie ghost logo with a pumpkin theme, which is such a clever idea. The design is officially licensed, too, and the good news is that it's available for men, women and kids in sizes up to 6XL, so nobody is left out.  The shirt is being sold and dispatched directly from Amazon (not a company on Amazon), so you can be sure of a quick and safe delivery. There is also a choice of five colours; black, navy blue, brown, dark heather grey and purple, although the black definitely works best for me. Ghostbusters 80s Slime Logo T-shirt Of course, any Ghostbusters Tee would be a great choice for Halloween, and you may also like this clever slime logo design based on the original 1984 no ghost logo. Once again, it's an official design and comes in a full range of sizes for adults a

Konami Frogger King of the Road T-shirt for Men

Frogger was one of the first video games I played at home on my Atari 800XL computer (in 1984), and so I was thrilled to find this very cool Konami Frogger King of the Road T-shirt, which will allow me to show my appreciation for the game, which is most definitely an 80s classic. Frogger T-shirt for Men on The T-shirt is available in sizes from Small to XX-large. The graphic has a slightly distressed look and features the logo and pixelated frog from the game. It would make a great gift idea for retro gaming fans or anyone who grew-up in the 80s and fondly remembers playing the game. It is also ideal for wearing to 80s or gaming events, conventions, or simply to show your love for the game. Frogger Arcade Cabinet Art T-shirt for Men You may also like this alternative navy blue T-shirt for men which features the logo and artwork from the 80s arcade cabinet. This one is also available in sizes from small to 2XL. My version of Frogger came on a cartridge, and I actually rea

Pepsi Cola Retro 80s and 90s Logo T-shirts

You may remember a time in the 1980s when it became very cool indeed to drink Pepsi. TV adverts featuring pop music and movie mega stars such as Michael Jackson and Michael J. Fox helped to boost sales of the carbonated soft drink massively, Plus, you may also remember Pepsi Perfect being sold in Cafe 80's in the Back To The Future II movie. I will  be showing you a 1980's logo T-shirt further down the page, but I want to start by showing you a cool T-shirt featuring the Pepsi logo from 1991 - I guess using the word cool in your 50's is not cool, and I'm not even sure if the word is still actually cool, but you get my drift! 80's Pepsi Logo Ringer T-shirt This official 1991 logo T-shirt for men is being sold from the Pepsi store on,.and features a retro ringer design with blue edging on a white tee, with the classic logo printed on the front. The sizes available are medium, large and X-large, but there is another listing from for the same official T-sh

Mexico '86 Vintage Football Shirts

With the World Cup 2022 fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to take find something to celebrate one of the most memorable tournaments of all time.  Well, I have some fine-looking Mexico '86 football T-shirts, and this was most definitely a classic year!  So what memories do you have of the 1986 World Cup?  The prowess of Diego Maradona is fondly remembered, but NOT if you're an England fan, of course, in which case you will only remember him for the notorious "Hand of God" moment, when he gave Argentina a 1-0 lead in the quarter finals on 22nd June. This was no normal goal, he got away with fisting the ball past goalkeeper Peter Shilton (which was obviously an illegal move), and there was no Video Assistant Referee back then, of course. The referee and linesmen all claimed they didn't have a "clear view".  To add to the hurt for England fans, he then went on to score what was termed as "Goal of the century", and Argentina's

The Cure Boys Don't Cry T-shirt for Men and Women

If you're a fan of The Cure , or you know someone who is, then I have a T-shirt that can be worn not just on in-between days (see what I did there?). This Boys Don't Cry T-shirt is proving to be very popular on my Simply Eighties website, but there are actually several suppliers selling it, so which one is best? The Cure Boys Don't Cry T-shirt with Robert Smith graphic BUY from AMAZON   My top choice is being sold on Amazon by Darkwear UK Ltd and made by AWDIP, which is not only excellent value, but is also officially licensed and highly rated by customers. However, sizes are limited to Medium, Large and XXL and there are no women's sizes. The very same T-shirt is available in XL in a separate listing. The same supplier also currently has a separate listing for what looks like the same Boys Don't Cry T-shirt design but made by a different company (Rockoff Trade) in a large size only. Please do double check the supplier and their feedback ratings before you buy

Angus Young AC/DC Schoolboy Costumes for Men

For those about to rock and get on the highway to hell, I'm going to show you how to become Angus McKinnon Young, the lead guitarist and songwriter in the Australian/Scottish rock band AC/DC. His schoolboy look became iconic during the 80s, and dressed as him, you will be instantly recognisable at any 80s event, and your outfit will definitely be a great conversation starter. There are two costumes available, and I'm going to start with the cheaper one - prices are subject to change so this may not be the cheaper option by the time you're reading this! The costume by Fun Shack comes in sizes medium, large or X-large and includes the red blazer, white shirt insert, blue shorts, blue cap and striped tie. Wear with some black shoes to complete your look. This item is currently being sold by Morph Costumes on Amazon, but the supplier could change, so please check when you're on the site. Now, you'll notice that the outfit is red and blue. Looking back through the archiv

Frankie Say War Hide Yourself T-shirt

Anyone who lived through the 1980s, will certainly remember the iconic, Katharine Hamnett inspired Frankie Say slogan T-shirts, and also the two anti-war songs by the band " Two Tribes " and "War".  This was also the height of the original cold war era, when tensions between the Soviet Union and U.S. were at boiling point and the threat of nuclear Armageddon loomed over us. That officially ended on Dec 26th 1991, but now here we are almost four decades later in 2022, and we have a new Cold War situation to fret about. Whilst the Paul Morley designed "Frankie Say Relax" T-shirt was definitely the most popular choice (it's true to say that more of these T-shirts were sold than records!), there were two other official T-shirts by ZTT which included " Frankie Say War! Hide Yourself " and "Frankie Say Arm The Unemployed", which were both actually worn by Frankie Goes To Hollywood for some of their photoshoots back in 1984.  Here we are

U2 War Tour Official T-shirt

U2's politically-charged, guitar rock album, War, is often voted for as one of the 1980's greatest, and it was supported by a two year tour across western Europe, North America (including Canada) and Japan. The well-received live performances, no doubt, helped the band gain many new followers, particularly in the U.S. The tour started as a pre-war tour at Tiffany's in Glasgow on 1st Dec 1982, and ended at the Nakano Sunplaza in Japan on Nov 30 1983. You can celebrate the tour with one of these official War Tour T-shirts, which I am about to show you. Official U2 War T-shirt for Men, Grey, S, M   This first T-shirt only comes in a grey colour, but looks very stylish and can be bought at Amazon UK. Sadly, it doesn't come in any large sizes for some reason. However, do not fret, as I have more to show you... Official Unisex U2 War Tour Black T-shirt, S, M, XXL   This black T-shirt comes in unisex sizing, and it displays their performance date at the Red Rocks Am

Official Madness House Of Fun T-shirt

Official Madness House Of Fun Adults T-shirt If you remember anything about the summer of 1982, then you will definitely have memories of Madness being at No.1 with " House Of Fun ". This fun ska-revival pop tune was actually the band's only No.1 in the UK, and it's certainly one of the British public's favourite songs from the 1980s. The original version of the song had the unusual title of "Chemist Facade", and the song didn't even have the "Welcome to the house of fun" chorus. We're all very grateful that this was soon changed! The popular white T-shirt above is an officially licensed design, and it's available in sizes from small to XX-large at Amazon UK. There is also another listing for the same House Of Fun T-shirt , so you may also want to check this to get the best price, although they were exactly the same as I write this post! I recommend the first supplier, which has been a very popular choice through my Simply Eighties

Trotters Independent Trading Co. T-shirt

I thought I would share with you a very amusing Only Fools and Horses themed T-shirt which I stumbled upon whilst updating my 80s T-shirts page on my Simply Eighties website. You have the opportunity to officially join Del Boy's global import and export empire with this lovely jubbly Trotters Independent Trading Co. T-shirt - you know it makes sense! The black T-shirt has been designed by the UK based Cloud City 7, and is available on Amazon UK for men. It comes in sizes from small to XXL, and features the iconic yellow Reliant three-wheeler van complete with a personalised CUSHTY 1 number plate and the Trotters logo with the hilarious "New York, Paris, Peckham" text that was displayed on the side of the van. A kids T-shirt with the same design is also available for ages 3 to 13 years. However, don't rush off just to buy it just yet, as I want to show you a couple more designs with the same theme. Trotters Independent Trading Co. Black T-shirt for Men Yellow Trotter

80s Says Relax T-shirt for Women

While the Frankie Say(s) Relax T-shirt remains the No.1 slogan T-shirt for wearing to 1980s festivals and events, you may want to choose something just a little different for a change, and I have just the T-shirt for you! This white, cropped 80s Says Relax T-shirt is available for ladies from the Amscan store on Amazon UK, and comes in two sizes; 8-12 and 12-14. It features a crisp print quality and the slogan is partly in the same style as the Frankie Says and Wham! Choose Life tees that were huge back in the mid-1980s. You can create a complete costume by adding some simple accessories, such as the pink headband, wristbands and black leggings as shown being worn by the female model. You may also want to add leg warmers and fishnet fingerless gloves , too, and you could also add this fun inflatable ghettoblaster to really complete your look. Of course, these items were also hugely popular back then, with a fitness craze sweeping the nation, fuelled by Jane Fonda's workout videos