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Ideas for 80s Party Decorations

80s Hanging String Decorations  (UK) Also available in the U.S. Use old cassettes to decorate a room If you want to host an 80s-themed party and you need ideas on how to decorate a room, then you've come to the right place! I hope to give you a little inspiration in this post, so read on and I'll reveal some ideas that should get you started, at least. Further down, I'll take a look at some terrific items that you can purchase to give a room an instant eighties look. But let me start with a free way to decorate your room with items you already own. If you have any old cassettes or video tapes (blank or commercial) then why not place them in small stacks in different areas of the room? You can also do the same with old toys, too. So, if you have an old Rubik's cube or Etch-A-Sketch then dig it out now. Your guests can also play with them, too! Cassette Decorations I have a friend who stuck some old cassette tapes onto a square vase and filled it wi

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume for Women

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume As I write, the weather has a distinctly Autumnal feel and look to it. This has got me in the mood for one of my favourite times of the year, Halloween, I find it incredible just how many people still leave it until just days before the big night before deciding to order their costume. That's a huge risk, and by ordering many weeks in advance you can make sure you have the right size and that you actually will feel comfortable wearing your outfit. One costume that can be used for both Halloween and 80s themed parties and events. is this fabulous and complete, gothic themed Miss Edward Scissorhands outfit. I say complete, because unlike many fancy dress costume it includes the wig. You will also receive the dress, sleevelets, gloves with attached scissor hands, choker and a belt. The costume looks pretty awesome, and you're certainly going to make heads turn when you go out in it. There are plenty of suppliers at both Amazon.c

Dress Up as Eddie The Eagle

For those of you not old enough to remember 1988, Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards was Great Britain's first olympic ski jumper, and he became famous for finishing last! However, it was his determination to compete without funding (while still working as a plasterer) that caught the British public's attention - we always like an underdog.  His biggest achievement was holding the British ski jumping record, although he also broke a stunt jumping World record (unrelated to the Olympics) when he jumped over 10 cars and six buses - now that's impressive. With the release of the 2016 biographical movie, Eddie has been thrust into the limelight one again. This had me wondering as to whether there was a costume available, as it would be great fun dressing up as the UK's most well-known ski jumper. After checking the leading fancy dress suppliers such as Smiffy's and Angel's I was disappointed that nothing was available, However, thankfully, there is an outfit

How to Create an 80s Punk Costume

Punk Costumes at Amazon UK Creating a 1970s or early 80s punk look for both men and women is a whole lot of fun, and there are very many different punk styles you can opt for. Punk is about breaking the rules, and this also applies to punk fashion. You can mix and match different punk rock subgenres to create a style all of your own making. Red Tartan British punks shoved their middle finger up to the establishment by wearing Royal Stewart, which was synonymous with the upper crust and royalty. Tartan was worn in the form of shirts, skinny jeans, mini skirts, tutu skirts, dresses and jackets, Tartan bondage pants with lots of zips became very popular. You can also add tartan patches or strips to a denim jacket. The following searches will display an extensive range of tartan and other punk trousers for both men and women. However, as tartan is more synonymous with British punks, the range of products is bigger at the UK store. Punk Trousers at Amazon UK Punk Pants a

Quick and Easy 1980s Tutu Costume Sets for Women

For this post, I am going to do just what the title suggests and show you the quickest and easiest way to create a fun 80s costume using tutu sets. These are widely available at low prices and usually include a tutu skirt (obviously!), leg warmers and fishnet gloves. Some sets also include other accessories such as a beaded necklace. They're more widely available in the UK, although there are now one or two appearing in the U.S. as suppliers are finally realising how popular they are, Obviously, the more accessories included with the tutu the more you will have to pay, but they're a great way of creating a quick and easy 80s look. All you need to add is a baggy T-shirt or sweatshirt, preferably worn off one shoulder. By buying a tutu kit (rather than a complete costume), you can make your look more individualistic by adding the T-shirt/top of your own choice. Most sets also come in a range of colours, too, (usually pink, green, orange, blue and yellow), which means you