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The Great Book of 1980's Trivia by Bill O'Neill

The Great Book of 1980's Like myself, you may believe that you know everything about the 80s. But how much do you really know? Well, let me introduce you to a fantastic book that will teach you and test your knowledge of the great decade.  The Great Book of 1980's Trivia: Crazy Random Facts & 80's Trivia (Volume 1) by Bill O'Neill is available as a paperback, audio book and Kindle edition, and the printed edition features 198 pages, and the Kindle version has 185 pages. There are 10 chapters (one for each year) and each one starts by covering the major events of that year. Before we get to the main chapters, there is an introduction, followed by The Reagan Presidency Defines the Eighties, Reagonomics and American Greed, Economic Disparity and Homelessness, Drugs and Aids, The environment, Social Issues, and Culture, and World Politics.  From the offset, it's clear that this book isn't going to only deal with the fun side of the 1980s by covering pop music, t

Official Ghostbusters Unisex Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yes, it's that time of year again (I swear it comes around quicker the older you get!) and it's time to dig out your ugly Christmas jumper again! Well, instead of wearing the same old sweater, why not treat yourself or a loved one/friend to something new. If you would like something quirky and retro, then I have the perfect thing for you! This officially licensed, knitted Ghostbusters themed ugly Christmas jumper is a unisex fit, and ideal for adding a touch of 80s to your wardrobe for the festive period. If you want to wearing something to turn heads this year (maybe at a Christmas party), then this design will certainly gain some attention.  This very cool retro jumper is available in a full range of sizes from X-small to 4 X-Large for both men and women. The knitted graphics include the 1984 No Ghost logo as a Christmas wreath (which is very clever), plus the evil characters from the movie including the Stay Puft marshmallow man with a city landscape, slimer ghosts, and even

Best Atari Logo Hoodies for Men

White Atari Hoodie for Men Atari were one of the biggest and best-known video game and computer/console manufacturers in the 1980s. You can pay homage to the golden age of video gaming with my pick of the best Atari Fuji logo themed hoodies for men.   2022 is the year that Atari celebrates it's 50th birthday, and so my first choice is this celebration hoodie which features the classic Atari joystick and '72 text to mark the year they were born. This official item comes in blue and black for sizes up to XXL for men.   Firstly, we have this official hoodie featuring a red Atari fuji logo and name which is available directly from the Atari store on Amazon. It comes in three colours; black, grey and white. My personal favourite is the grey one, which has a sporty gym look. It can be bought in sizes from small to XXL   My next choice is very similar and officially licensed, but this pullover hoodie features the text "Atari Games" in white with the logo. The colour choi

Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Official Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweater It's almost time to dig out your ugly Christmas sweater again, but if you feel like buying something a little different this year, then you may like these Pac-Man themed jumpers which are just perfect for anyone who grew-up in the 1980s and played the video game in the arcades or on their home console or computer such as the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64. The first knitted jumper here features the loveable muncher himself wearing a red santa hat, and also the four ghosts Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde. It also includes "waka waka" text which, of course, refers to the sound of Pac-Man moving across the maze munching his pellets (also known as cookies and Pac-dots). There is also the traditional style white snowflake pattern running across the body and arms. So where can you buy it from? Well, it's being sold on the Num-Skull store on and is available is sizes from X-small to 4XL. Pac-Man Knitted Christmas Jumper BUY AT