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Best 80s Ghostbusters Logo T-shirts for Halloween

Official Ghostbusters 80s Pumpkin Logo T-shirt I have for you today, some very inventive 80s Ghostbusters Logo T-shirt designs, which are just perfect for Halloween.  My top choice features the 80s Ghostbusters movie ghost logo with a pumpkin theme, which is such a clever idea. The design is officially licensed, too, and the good news is that it's available for men, women and kids in sizes up to 6XL, so nobody is left out.  The shirt is being sold and dispatched directly from Amazon (not a company on Amazon), so you can be sure of a quick and safe delivery. There is also a choice of five colours; black, navy blue, brown, dark heather grey and purple, although the black definitely works best for me. Ghostbusters 80s Slime Logo T-shirt Of course, any Ghostbusters Tee would be a great choice for Halloween, and you may also like this clever slime logo design based on the original 1984 no ghost logo. Once again, it's an official design and comes in a full range of sizes for adults a