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12 Days of Ugly 80s Christmas Sweaters

For this post, I bring you my 12 days of ugly Christmas sweaters with an 80s theme. That's one for each day, if you can afford it! Now, Just about everyone of a certain age remembers receiving at least one ugly sweater for Christmas back in the day. I received a nausea-inducing, hand knitted jumper every Christmas from my gran back in the 70s and 80s, and I was forced to wear it every time I visited her, just to show that I was very grateful for it. Well, I couldn't wait for the warmer weather to arrive so I could finally dump it in the nearest bin! Back in the 80s, we had a generation of fashion concious teens disposing of their ugly hand-knitted and machine knitted pullovers into landfill. It's somewhat ironic, then, that these days we can't get enough of ugly Christmas sweaters, which are based on the Fair Isle and Nordic knit patterns that were so unpopular with trendy kids when I was a youngster.   Anyway, I have to say that I have grown to like them in my older ye

Top Of The Pops Logo Hoodie

If you were to ask me to name just one TV programme that I really miss from the 80s, then I would have to say Top of the Pops . Although those times have gone forever, sadly, you can still pay homage to the show with this awesome Top of the Pops 80s logo hoodie Of all the logos used during the series, this neon logo is my absolute favourite. It was replaced in 1986 with some new-fangled orange and blue thing (which I hated!), which seemed to conincide with the music charts slowly deteriorating, too. The 70s and the first half of the 80s was definitely the best time to be watching the show, for sure, and the sheer exitement of waiting to watch your favourite bands (even if they were miming!) was something I really miss. This logo is pretty iconic, and looks pretty awesome on this hoodie, more particularly the charcoal or black one which makes it stand out, although there is a nice choice of other colours. It's available from Etsy in unisex sizes from Small to XX-Large. Keeping the w

Rainbow Brite Made in the 80s Hoodie

Rainbow Brite Hoodie Although the 80s party season had to be put on hold this year due to that wretched Covid-19, you can still show your love for the decade during the cooler months.  For this post, I want to show you an awesome Rainbow Brite hoodie for women that is proving to be popular on my website  The officially licensed graphic features Rainbow Brite and her high energy sprite sidekick Twink, with the message "Made in the 80s". This cute, baby pink hooded sweatshirt would make an awesome gift for someone born between 1980 and 1989.  Featuring a feminine fit, this top quality hoodie is made from heavyweight material, and is, therefore, ideal for keeping warm and snug, and also showing your love for the magical 80s cartoon character, of course! I also found these hoodies and sweatshirts on Amazon an Etsy which you can view below. The white one is particularly good value and is also available in other colours.  Rainbow Brite and Starlite White Hoodie, S