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Low Cost Ska Waistcoat for Adults

I want to share with you this fabulous, eye-catching adults Ska waistcoat by L&S Prints on Amazon, which, so far, been receiving very positive feedback from customers. Not only that, but the price is exceptional value, too - you'll be pleasantly surprised when you click through the link above! With its distinctive design, this waistcoat is just perfect for a 70s or 80s fancy dress idea, or for wearing to Ska and 2 Tone festivals and events. Wear with a Trilby or Pork Pie hat and you're ready to party! You can, of course, go the full hog and add straight cut jeans or trousers and some highly polished boots or shoes, although the latter would not be an ideal choice for a muddy field! The Ska Waistcoat comes in 4 sizes for adults You'll find lots of ska clothing ideas with advice at our website

Neon Zebra Print Mini Ra-Ra Skirt for a very 80s look!

Neon Pink Zebra Print Mini Ra-Ra Skirt Both zebra print and ra-ra skirts were big in the 1980s, so combining both will give you a very effective 80s look. Many different styles of animal print were popular, particularly with glam metal bands. This skirt is available in four colours; orange, yellow, pink and standard black and white. There are actually many suppliers selling these on Amazon, and you can check all of them using the link below... View ALL Zebra Print skirts Whether you want to add an 80s vibe to your look, or you want to create a unique fancy dress costume, this skirt fits the bill perfectly. Colours often clashed in the 80s, so don't be afraid to mix pink with yellow and orange. For instance, you could these add neon yellow earrings You may also like these alternative skirts... Zebra Stripe Tutu Skirt for 80s Fancy Dress Leopard Print 80s 2 Tier Ra-Ra Skirt You can see a full range of 80s skirts at our website

80s Unicorn Birthday Rainbow Tutu Costume for Girls

I recently stumbled upon this gorgeous unicorn birthday outfit for girls which, with the tutu and rainbow socks, has a bit of an 80s vibe going on, and I just had to share it with you! This very popular costume is receiving a huge amount of positive feedback from customers (almost 1700 reviews as I write!) and is available from BubbleGumDivas at Etsy. Each item can be bought separately, with a big choice of sizes and colours available for the T-shirt. The outfit can be bought for a full range of age groups; 4th Birthday 5th Birthday 6th Birthda y 7th Birthday 8th Birthday 9th Birthday Here are some examples of the many different colours and styles available... 7th Birthday Rainbow Unicorn Tutu, T-shirt, socks and Hair Bow 5th Birthday Rainbow Tutu Outfit for Girls 4th Birthday Rainbow Shirt and Skirt Outfit for Girls 4th Birthday Unicorn Rainbow Themed Outfit for Girls As the item is shipped from the United States, this does, unfortunately, add to the cost if

Best 80s T-shirts under £10

If you have an eye for a real bargain, then you're going to really like this post, although only if you're mad about the 80s, of course! For this post, I have brought together the best rated 80s T-shirts that you can buy for less than a tenner. And no, I haven't simply picked every cheap shirt I could find. These have been carefully hand-picked to ensure no poorly rated tees are included. These products have been receiving great customer feedback and ratings, and best of all, they're available from suppliers on the web's most trusted website, Amazon. Please note that I cannot guarantee that all of the prices will stay under £10 permanently, but hopefully they will! So without further ado, let's take a gander at those T-shirts... Wham! Choose Life Unisex 80s T-Shirt Women's Choose Life T-shirt in many colours. Runs small - I recommend ordering 2 sizes up for adults Ladies I Love the 80s T-shirt with Accessories Ladies I Love the 80s T-shirt and Swea