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Top 5 Cheap 80s Costume Ideas for Men

Although there are plenty of costumes available with an 80s theme, many of them are pretty expensive. So, for this post I want to take a look at some fun dress-up ideas that won't leave you feeling broke. Here are my top 5 cheapest 80s costume ideas for men... Ska Hat and Braces Kit UK Ska Hat and Braces Kit US 1. 2 Tone/Ska Hat and Braces Costume This low-cost hat and braces kit is a very quick and easy costume idea,  If you have a white T-shirt then you're ready for a fun night out! However, For a more complete look add some wayfarer style shades . Don't worry, you can buy replica Ray-Bans for just a few pounds/dollars. Ska and 2 Tone fashion borrowed heavily from both 1920s gangster and 1960s mod styles. For a full-on look, you would need items such as a Harrington jacket, drainpipe trousers or jeans which are cut short to show off gleaming white socks, with Dr. Marten boots or Brogues/loafers for your feet. However, these would make for a very

Create a Funny Stuck in the 80s Costume

Men's Black T-Shirt If someone you know is simply unable to leave the 1980s behind them (or maybe it's yourself!), then let me introduce you to the perfect costume idea. As well as forming part of a costume - I'll discuss this in a moment - these funny "Stuck in the 80s" T-shirts would also make an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for anyone who lived through this wondrous decade, or thinks that it's still 1985! Based on the classic Katherine Hamnett block letter slogan T-shirt designs from the 1980s, these tees are available in both black and white for men and women, and come in most sizes. The material used is 100% heavy-weight cotton, so the low price is very reasonable indeed. I've included picture links to each T-shirt below so that you can make the right choice with ease. I recommend ordering a size up to get that looser look that was fashionable back then. You may also be interested in Born in the 80s gift ideas , and you can find plent

Rubik's Cube Costumes for Adults

Rubik's Cube costumes for ladies at Amazon UK See Rubik's Cube costumes at (US) Think of 80s toys, and the Rubik's Cube is often the first one that springs to mind. Launched in 1980 (it was actually invented in 1974), the cube went on to become a true sensation, and also the world's No.1 toy. Who would ever have thought that it would still be popular today? The iconic image of the cube is now widely used on retro products, artwork, clothing, nostalgic websites etc., and there are still numerous books available on how to solve the cube . For this post, I'm going to look at Rubik's Cube fancy dress costumes for adults. I'm also going to take add the positive and negative points of each costume. Here are my views for the first outfit above; + The costume above is a popular choice for ladies through our 80s website (, and it's probably the cute matching hat and handbag that does the trick - a great idea! Th