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Pepsi Cola Retro 80s and 90s Logo T-shirts

You may remember a time in the 1980s when it became very cool indeed to drink Pepsi. TV adverts featuring pop music and movie mega stars such as Michael Jackson and Michael J. Fox helped to boost sales of the carbonated soft drink massively, Plus, you may also remember Pepsi Perfect being sold in Cafe 80's in the Back To The Future II movie. I will  be showing you a 1980's logo T-shirt further down the page, but I want to start by showing you a cool T-shirt featuring the Pepsi logo from 1991 - I guess using the word cool in your 50's is not cool, and I'm not even sure if the word is still actually cool, but you get my drift! 80's Pepsi Logo Ringer T-shirt This official 1991 logo T-shirt for men is being sold from the Pepsi store on,.and features a retro ringer design with blue edging on a white tee, with the classic logo printed on the front. The sizes available are medium, large and X-large, but there is another listing from for the same official T-sh

Mexico '86 Vintage Football Shirts

With the World Cup 2022 fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time to take find something to celebrate one of the most memorable tournaments of all time.  Well, I have some fine-looking Mexico '86 football T-shirts, and this was most definitely a classic year!  So what memories do you have of the 1986 World Cup?  The prowess of Diego Maradona is fondly remembered, but NOT if you're an England fan, of course, in which case you will only remember him for the notorious "Hand of God" moment, when he gave Argentina a 1-0 lead in the quarter finals on 22nd June. This was no normal goal, he got away with fisting the ball past goalkeeper Peter Shilton (which was obviously an illegal move), and there was no Video Assistant Referee back then, of course. The referee and linesmen all claimed they didn't have a "clear view".  To add to the hurt for England fans, he then went on to score what was termed as "Goal of the century", and Argentina's

The Cure Boys Don't Cry T-shirt for Men and Women

If you're a fan of The Cure , or you know someone who is, then I have a T-shirt that can be worn not just on in-between days (see what I did there?). This Boys Don't Cry T-shirt is proving to be very popular on my Simply Eighties website, but there are actually several suppliers selling it, so which one is best? The Cure Boys Don't Cry T-shirt with Robert Smith graphic BUY from AMAZON   My top choice is being sold on Amazon by Darkwear UK Ltd and made by AWDIP, which is not only excellent value, but is also officially licensed and highly rated by customers. However, sizes are limited to Medium, Large and XXL and there are no women's sizes. The very same T-shirt is available in XL in a separate listing. The same supplier also currently has a separate listing for what looks like the same Boys Don't Cry T-shirt design but made by a different company (Rockoff Trade) in a large size only. Please do double check the supplier and their feedback ratings before you buy