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Captain Caveman Let's Go Clubbin' T-shirt for Adults

I have fond memories of the 70s/80s cartoon series Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels by Hanna-Barbera, which followed the superhero caveman and three female amateur detectives. So, for this post, I wanted to show you this cool Captain Caveman "Let's Go Clubbin'" double entendre T-shirt, which I discovered on Amazon, and it's ideal for paying homage to the cartoon.  The TV series originally aired from 1977 to 1980, and although I can no longer remember any of the episodes, I do remember that very loud battle cry "Captain Caaaaavemaaaaaaan" (voiced by Mel Blanc) which kind of went slightly wobbly towards the end! The T-shirt is perfect for wearing as clubbing attire, of course, although obviously I'm referring to a nightclub and not Captain Caveman's idea of clubbing! It's a unisex fit and available in sizes from small to 3XL. Sadly, it's only available in grey. However, if you want a different coloured tee, then keep reading, as I have s