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Create a Back To The Future 80s Costume

Of all the movies to come out of the 1980s, Back To The Future is certainly one of the most iconic and memorable. This makes it ideal as a theme for an 80s or movie themed costume party. Firstly, you can buy a ready-made Marty McFly Costume as shown above, although it's not cheap! However, it will save you the hassle of finding all of the separate components. The costume is available in five sizes and is very highly rated by customers. However, those Nike trainers/sneakers are not included, but I'll come to them in a moment. Also available at in the U.S. McFly, of course, was the lead character in the film played by Michael J. Fox. A cheaper option is to buy a sublimation shirt. This is a T-shirt with a costume printed onto it. This officially licensed costume shirt is available at Amazon UK You can also buy it at . Now I'm going to show you how to put together your own costume. This red gilet (bodywarmer) by Res

Instant 5 Piece 1980s Costume Set for Women

For this post, I'm going to take a look at a fantastic new, easy to wear   5 piece 1980s costume set for women by Zac's Alter Ego. If you want an instant 80s look without worrying about the size of the costume and the hassle involved with sending it back if it's wrong, then this outfit is for you! I also like this set because you can add your own top, which allows you to add your own unique twist and reduce the chances of other people at the party/event looking exactly like you! There are two styles available and both include an elasticated tutu skirt which will fit most sizes. The first set includes a leopard print skirt, black lace hair bow (on a headband), long black fishnet gloves, black fishnet tights and black beaded necklace. The second set includes a black skirt and the same accessories in pink, rather than black. Buy from London Accessories Boutique at Amazon UK Buy from Zacharia at (US) The set represents excellent value and you only

Create a Kim Wilde 80s Costume

Kim Wilde Poster During her early pop career, Kim Wilde became renowned for wearing stripy tops. You can see Kim wearing this Dennis the Menace style black and red top in a live performance of View From A Bridge in 1982. She also wore a black and white striped, sleeveless top in the video for her debut single Kids in America . Apparently, Kim borrowed the top from a friend who had bought it in a charity shop. Kim Wilde Kids in America Gold Disc Display This is a rare image of Kim in a blue and white striped top. If you look carefully it's a mirror image of the poster at the top of the page. My belief is that she didn't actually wear a blue and white top and the colouring was altered for creating this gold disc display. Creating a Kim Wilde costume for events such as 80s Rewind or an 80s costume party should be a pretty easy affair. For the top you need to look for something that is cut quite high across the neckline. A search on google presented me with tops th