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Trotters Independent Trading Co. T-shirt

I thought I would share with you a very amusing Only Fools and Horses themed T-shirt which I stumbled upon whilst updating my 80s T-shirts page on my Simply Eighties website. You have the opportunity to officially join Del Boy's global import and export empire with this lovely jubbly Trotters Independent Trading Co. T-shirt - you know it makes sense! The black T-shirt has been designed by the UK based Cloud City 7, and is available on Amazon UK for men. It comes in sizes from small to XXL, and features the iconic yellow Reliant three-wheeler van complete with a personalised CUSHTY 1 number plate and the Trotters logo with the hilarious "New York, Paris, Peckham" text that was displayed on the side of the van. A kids T-shirt with the same design is also available for ages 3 to 13 years. However, don't rush off just to buy it just yet, as I want to show you a couple more designs with the same theme. Trotters Independent Trading Co. Black T-shirt for Men Yellow Trotter

80s Says Relax T-shirt for Women

While the Frankie Say(s) Relax T-shirt remains the No.1 slogan T-shirt for wearing to 1980s festivals and events, you may want to choose something just a little different for a change, and I have just the T-shirt for you! This white, cropped 80s Says Relax T-shirt is available for ladies from the Amscan store on Amazon UK, and comes in two sizes; 8-12 and 12-14. It features a crisp print quality and the slogan is partly in the same style as the Frankie Says and Wham! Choose Life tees that were huge back in the mid-1980s. You can create a complete costume by adding some simple accessories, such as the pink headband, wristbands and black leggings as shown being worn by the female model. You may also want to add leg warmers and fishnet fingerless gloves , too, and you could also add this fun inflatable ghettoblaster to really complete your look. Of course, these items were also hugely popular back then, with a fitness craze sweeping the nation, fuelled by Jane Fonda's workout videos