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Monday, 27 February 2017

Space Invaders T-shirts

It was 39 years ago when Space Invaders first hit the arcades, which makes me feel very old indeed! Do you remember the feeling you had when you played Space Invaders for the very first time?

I remember playing the arcade version at our local youth club. A whole group of kids would gather around to watch you wipe out the lines of invaders that were forever creeping towards you, and it was that simple but menacing "dum dum" sound of the aliens which increased in speed that really got to me.

In 1980, the game was released on the Atari 2600 and helped to quadruple sales of the console. The arcade version was still highly popular, with Taito having sold around 300,000 cabinets in Japan alone by 1980.

One of the best ways to publicly show your appreciation for this true video gaming classic is with a T-shirt. There are bucketloads of superb designs available, and in this post I'm going to show you where to find the best designs.

Space Invaders Cabinet Monster Black Gamer T-ShirtSpace Invaders Monster Baseball Tee -Unisex Sized Base Ball T Shirt T-Shirt - Mens Black and White, XX-Large XXLSpace Invaders Monster Baseball Tee -Unisex Sized Base Ball T Shirt T-Shirt - Womens Black and White, XX-Large XXL

I want to start by showing you some designs which feature the monster from the arcade cabinet. We all remember him don't we? Well, maybe you're not old enough, but he certainly made the cabinet more visually appealing.

Try as I might, I could not find the T-shirts above on the U.S. Amazon. However, you may also like to try ebay where the design is also being sold. The suppliers are UK based, but will ship to the U.S.

Space Invaders Monster Shirts at ebay (UK, US, Canada, Australia)

Space Invaders T-shirts at Redbubble.com

Redbubble have a very unique range of tees designed by independent artists. There are no official designs, but It's a great place to find a quirky design that is not being sold anywhere else and you'll also be supporting a cash-strapped individual artist. They ship worldwide and each design is available for men and women and can be printed on a wide range of tops.

See all Space Invaders Shirts at Redbubble

Here is an example of what's available...

I particularly like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles invaders design is printed on both the front and back of the tee. You can choose from 18 colours and sizes up to 3XL.

If you owned an Atari 2600, then you will probably also remember that artwork on the game box which is featured in the first tee above.

Space Invaders T-shirts at Amazon.com (United States)

As you would expect, there are plenty of suppliers selling tees at Amazon. Below is a selection of my favourite designs. It's just a tiny example of what's available, of course. Prices are competitive and you'll also find official designs here. Scroll down for the UK store.

View All Space Invaders Shirts at Amazon.com

Classic Retro Space Invaders Graphic Printed Unisex Men / Women T-shirt - Black - LargeMen's Space Invaders 80s T-Shirt, BlackXX-Large Charcoal Adult Space Invaders Retro Gaming Triblend T-ShirtSpace invaders Retro Raglan T-Shirt

Space Invaders T-shirts at Amazon UK

Here are my four picks from the British store. I particularly like the first design which has a distressed look and it will look like you've owned it for quite some time.
Space Invaders T-Shirt Mens Black Top Tee T Shirt LargeChristmas Space Invaders Men's T-ShirtSpace Invaders Men's Headphones Regular Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Black, X-LargeLOGOSHIRT Men's Space Invaders-from Outer Space Casual Shirt, Black, Medium

Space Invaders T-shirts at Tostadora

Tostadora have a great range of very reasonably priced T-shirts. They ship to the UK and across Europe. Here are my top four picks.

See All Space Invaders T-shirts at Tostadora

Darth Vader Invaders Star Wars T-shirtMono Space Invaders T-shirt for MenSpace Invaders Red T-shirt1970s Space Invaders Logo T-shirt

The first design features the clever use of the word Vader, and if you're a fan of both Star Wars and the classic game then this is the perfect T-shirt!

I would like to leave you with the following two designs which are available at 8Ball T-shirts. They ship globally with free delivery available in the UK.

Well, I hope I have helped you to choose from a substantial range of tees.

You may also want to visit the following pages at my website;

Space Invaders T-shirts at Simplyeighties.com (UK)

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Twister Fancy Dress Costumes

Twister Costume for ladies
Twister costume for ladies (UK)

Well, I remember having a pretty fun time playing the Twister game back in the 1970s and 80s and getting into all sorts of awkward positions! Just about everyone remembers the game, and now you can celebrate your childhood with official and unofficial Twister board game fancy dress costumes for men, women and children.

Twister Costume on ebay

If you're looking for a bargain then be sure to check out ebay. Many costume suppliers are on the site and prices are very competitive.

The Twister dress above is available from a number of suppliers on the Amazon websites, and there is a particularly good choice on the U.S. store. The links above point to everything that is available at both stores.

Being the miser that I am, this is just one of the reasons that I often use Amazon, as you can compare the many suppliers who are selling on the site, and they are also pretty trustworthy, of course. The Twister dress is a popular seller on my 80s website simplyeighties.com, too, and it's a quirky alternative to the more obvious 80s themed costumes.

Twister Costume for Men
Twister Costume for Men
The Men's official costume is based on a jumpsuit and is expensive compared to the ladies outfit. If you're looking for a good fancy dress idea for a couple then this is a pretty unique one. However, I could only find one supplier selling this costume on ebay and nothing at all on Amazon. Therefore, the link above is not guaranteed to show any costumes. However, scroll down a little for details of a cool-looking second skin costume for men.

These outfits are ideal for retro-themed parties and are almost guaranteed to be the subject of many a conversation at any party or event. Please note that the prices quoted are subject to change.

Twister Game Poncho Adults
Unisex Twister Poncho Costume (UK)

Twister Poncho Costume (US)
The cheapest costume of all this poncho. Now, it's not really supposed to be used as a costume, but if you're really tight-fisted and they have forecast rain, then it may be ideal for you! Seriously, it's perfect for retro themed festivals and a quirky way to protect yourself from the elements.

Twister Second Skin Costume for Men
Twister Second Skin Costume (UK)

Twister Second Skin Costume (US)
Second skin or Morphsuit style costumes are also popular these days, and is more than one supplier selling this outfit on Amazon. The prices vary greatly for the exact same outfit, so I have linked to all that is available above.
Girls Twister Dress Costume (UK)

Girls Twister Dress (US)
There is a huge range of dress costumes available for girls at the U.S. Amazon and they vary in price and design. However, the choice was limited at the UK store and the prices are extortionate. Trying to link to everything available proved problematic, with many unrelated costumes being displayed.

Girls Twister Costumes on ebay

Although still a little expensive, the pricing and range of costumes is better than on Amazon. I highly recommend trying the link above as there are lots of top suppliers selling brand new, "buy it now" outfits here.

The following items are the lowest-priced I could find (as I write) on both Amazons. This pictures also give you an idea of the different style available at a glance.

Disguise Hasbro Games Twister Girls Costume, 10-12Paper Magic Women's Adult Twister Dress And Hat,Twister,MediumPaladone Twister PonchoSassy Twister Deluxe Costume - Large - Dress Size 12-14Smiffys Men's White Twister Second Skin MediumSexy Twister Game Adult Costume

LICNSD TWISTER BOARD GAME FANCY DRESS COSTUME LADY -MEDIUM(Fits UK Dress Sizes 12 / 14)Hasbro Twister Poncho CostumeSmiffy's Men's Twister Second Skin Suit, Size: M, Colour: Multi, 27019Girl's Costume: Twister Game- Large

Alternative Costume Idea

Rubik's Cube Dress for Women
Rubik's Cube Dress for Ladies
Another toy that is synonymous with the 1980s is, of course, the Rubik's Cube. There is a wide range of costume designs available from the dress above, to 3D cube outfits.

Rubik's Cube Costumes at Amazon.co.uk

Rubik's Cube Costumes at Amazon.com

You can see a full range of costume ideas for men and women at my nostalgia website.

80s Fancy Dress Ideas for the UK at Simplyeighties.com

80s Costume Ideas for the U.S. at Simplyeighties.com

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