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Quick and Easy 80s Skirt and Shirt Costumes

Neon 80s Tulle Skirt and Off One Shoulder Top
80s Skirt and Off One Shoulder Lips Shirt
For this post, I'm going to show you how to quickly put together a no-fuss, quick and easy 80s costume using low-cost skirts, shirts and accessories at Amazon, and also ready-made fancy dress costumes.

You can get an authentic eighties look by using an off-one-shoulder, loose and over-sized top, preferably with batwing sleeves. I would recommend ordering a larger size than normal to get that loose feel.

So what about the skirt? Layered, neon tutu and ra-ra skirts are always a popular choice, or you could go for a longer length, black petticoat skirt for a Madonna look.

So, now I want to show you the two most popular ladies 80s costumes being sold through my website  

These skirt and shirt costumes look great don't they? They contain everything you need, and feature fingerless fishnet gloves, beaded necklaces and hair bows which were worn by 80s pop stars such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. And, of course, leg warmers were hugely popular back then and made popular by the film and TV series Fame, and Jane Fonda workout videos.

Purplr 80s T-shirt and Skirt Set for Women
Purple 80s T-shirt and Skirt Set

This set by Fundaisy is available for sizes 8 to 12 and comes in four colouts; purple, green, hot pink and black.

Neon Green I Love the 80s Skirt and T-shirt Set
Neon Green 80s Skirt and T-shirt Set
This I Love the 80s T-shirt with neon green skirt, long fishnet gloves and leg warmers is also a very popular and highly rated choice, and comes in nine colours - there's a colour for everyone! It's available in sizes from 8 to 18 and is being supplied by Red Star on Amazon.

Flashdance Costume for Women
Flashdance Costume for Women
Why not go for an all-in-one skirt and shirt like this Flashdance sweatshirt which comes with black leggings and a headband, allowing you to become Jennifer Beals character Alex.

Grey Off-Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Top for 80s Flashdance Costume
Grey Off Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Top

However, this Flashdance style top is available for a much lower price in a wide range of colours, and I recommend choosing dark grey or black for an authentic look. All you need to add are some black leggings and leg warmers and you have a complete Flashdance look.

80s Wild Girl Costume
80s Wild Girl Costume

This highly rated 80s Wild Girl outfit includes an all-in-one pink and black dress which looks like a skirt and seperate top. Also included is the cropped jacket and headpiece. Add some accessories such as leg warmers, bangles and a wig.

Here are some of my favourite tops and skirts on Amazon UK...

Women's Loose Rainbow Print Top for 80s Dress-Up. M to 5XLWomen's Loose Rainbow Print Top for 80s Dress-Up. M to 5XLWomens Short Zebra Animal Print Ra-Ra SkirtWomens Short Zebra Animal Print Ra-Ra SkirtLadies Pink Zebra Stiripe 80s Ra-RaLadies Pink Zebra Stiripe 80s Ra-RaChoose Life Unisex T-Shirt - roll the sleeves for an authentic Wham! lookChoose Life Unisex T-Shirt - roll the sleeves for an authentic Wham! lookWomen's Neon Tutu with AccessoriesWomen's Neon Tutu with AccessoriesNeon Party Shirt This Girl Glows Retro 80's T-ShirtNeon Party Shirt This Girl Glows Retro 80's T-ShirtBack to The 80s Ladies Drawstring TopBack to The 80s Ladies Drawstring TopMadonna Style Lace Skirt with Waistband and Polka Dot BowMadonna Style Lace Skirt with Waistband and Polka Dot Bow80s Pink Fishnet Top80s Pink Fishnet TopLadies I Love the 80s Shirt and Skirt SetLadies I Love the 80s Shirt and Skirt Set

For lots more ideas, visit the 80s fancy dress for ladies page at


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