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Crazy For Swayze T-shirts

Colourful Point Break Patrick Swazye T-shirt
Crazy For Swayze Ladies T-shirt

If you had a bit of a thing for Patrick Swayze back in the day, then you were certainly not alone. The American actor became an 80s heartthrob after starring in numerous movies including The Outsiders, Red Dawn, Young Blood, Dirty Dancing and Road House, to name but a few.

This popular and colourful Crazy for Swayze T-shirt features the actor with blonde locks, as he was in the wildy entertaining 1991 action thriller Point Break, in which he starred as a surfer known as Bodhi. It's very much a 90s shirt, and features a relaxed, boyfriend fit. It's made from 100% soft cotton and available in ladies sizes from X-Small to X-Large.

You can also buy the tee in an XXL size from the Retro Tees Store on Amazon.

However, if you're after something to wear at an 80s event, or maybe something with larger size options, then you may like this unisex T-shirt which is available from Amazon in blue or grey in a full range of sizes from small to 5XL. This Crazy for Swazye T-shirt can also be bought from Etsy UK.

Patrick Swazye 80s Tribute T-shirt
Unisex Crazy for Swayze T-shirt
Crazy for Swayze Dirty Dancing T-shirt

Finally, I've left the best until last. This is my favourite design, which features a Dirty Dancing style font, making it ideal for wearing to an 80s party or event. It's available in five colours and sizes from small to 5XL. However, please note that the pricing for the larger sizes is higher. Nonetheless, it's a great looking tee.

Of course, Dirty Dancing is Swayze's best known 80s flick, in which he stars as the dance instructor Johnny Castle,  alongside Jennifer Grey as his pupil, Frances "Baby" Houseman.

Patrick Swazye and Jennifer Grey Dirty Dancing Tee
Dirty Dancing T-shirt for Women

You may, of course, prefer to opt for the official Dirty Dancing T-shirt. Customer feedback suggests ordering a size up as it is a little snug.

Swayze sadly passed away on September 14, 2009, at the age of just 57 after a long battle with cancer.


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