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The Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (T-800) T-shirts

Three Terminator T-shirts featuring T-800 Cyborg

It's only a couple of months until Halloween (how time flies as you get older!) and I thought I'd inspire you with an 80s T-shirt idea that you can wear.

Skynet's first cybernetic organism was the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 (or T-800), and as an endoskeleton makes the perfect choice for a Halloween or horror T-shirt theme. In the first movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course, plays the role of the cyborg antagonist, who's sole mission is to terminate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

The first two movies were truly jaw-dropping back in the day, and remain my two favourite sci-fi movies of all time. So let's take a look at some of the best T-800 designs that are worthy of being worn to celebrate these iconic movies by the legendary James Cameron.

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The Terminator 1984 80s Triangle Graphic T-shirt


My top choice is this so very 80s themed The Terminator T-shirt. This is an awesome design, but it unfortunately only comes in 3XL for some reason! However, you may like the one underneath which is also very 80s with the triangle graphics, and the T-800 looks even more menacing on this one. I also like the use of the original red 1984 movie logo. It's available in sizes from small to XXL for men. 

The Terminator T-800 Long Sleeve T-shirt, Black


My next choice is this dramatic The Terminator long sleeve unisex shirt (which is officially licensed) featuring the head of a Model 101 and the 1984 movie logo. It's available in sizes from small to 2XL, although it only comes in black, but this is, of course, the ideal colour for a horror theme and allows the graphic to really stand out. It's available on the Terminator store at

The Terminator T-800 Cyborg Head T-shirt


This design is also available on this short sleeved T-shirt which is available for men, women and children in sizes up to 3XL. Once again, you can choose any colour so long as it's black! 

Women's Black V Neck T Shirt with T-800 Cyborg Face Graphic


There is also this women's V Neck T-shirt available from the same supplier on Amazon.

Terminator 2 Logo T-shirt with Arnold Schwarzenegger and T-800 Face


Just when I thought I'd found all the best designs, along comes this one! This features the Terminator 2 logo and a fantastic Arnie/Borg graphic revealing half of the T-800 and half of Arnie's face. It's very striking, but the sizes are limited to small and medium, sadly.

The Terminator 80s Sunset T-800 Graphic T-shirt, Welcome To The FutureT-800 Syberdyne Systems Model 101 Sunset T-shirt


These two designs are more 1980s sci-fi and less horror, but they look great and both are available from Cloud City 7, a very reputable supplier on Amazon who I have used many times. I really like the outrun sunset backdrop on both of these. 

The first one features the chilling message "Welcome to the Future" and is available in sizes from small to XXL for adults. 

The second one has the text "T-800 Cyberdyne Systemes Model 101) and comes in the same sizes for men. Guess what? Yep, they're both only available in black! 

Terminator No Fate T-800 T-shirt


Here we have another really eye-catching design on this No Fate Terminator Tee. The T-800's face is truly menacing on this one (don't have nightmares!) and comes in a big choice of sizes from small to 5XL for men. It's available from Cotton Cloud on

I'll leave you with some more great designs to have a gander at...

Terminator 2 Judgment Day T-800 3D Face T-shirt for Women, S to XXLTerminator 2 Judgment Day T-800 3D Face T-shirt for Women, S to XXLChild's Terminator 2 Judgment Day T-800 T-shirt, Ages 3 to 13 yearsChild's Terminator 2 Judgment Day T-800 T-shirt, Ages 3 to 13 yearsT-800 Cyborg Face Fan Art T-shirt, Small Adult OnlyT-800 Cyborg Face Fan Art T-shirt, Small Adult OnlyMen's The Terminator Movie 1984 Poster T-shirt, S to XXLMen's The Terminator Movie 1984 Poster T-shirt, S to XXL


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