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Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Knitted Blue Christmas Jumper with Pac-Man and Snowflake Pattern Graphics
Official Pac-Man Ugly Christmas Sweater

It's almost time to dig out your ugly Christmas sweater again, but if you feel like buying something a little different this year, then you may like these Pac-Man themed jumpers which are just perfect for anyone who grew-up in the 1980s and played the video game in the arcades or on their home console or computer such as the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64.

The first knitted jumper here features the loveable muncher himself wearing a red santa hat, and also the four ghosts Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde. It also includes "waka waka" text which, of course, refers to the sound of Pac-Man moving across the maze munching his pellets (also known as cookies and Pac-dots). There is also the traditional style white snowflake pattern running across the body and arms.

So where can you buy it from? Well, it's being sold on the Num-Skull store on and is available is sizes from X-small to 4XL.

Pac-Man Knitted Christmas JumperPac-Man Knitted Christmas JumperBUY AT AMAZON


Next we have this machine-knitted ugly Christmas jumper which also features the Pac-Man wearing a Santa hat and the four ghosts. However, the patterning is very different and includes a clever Christmas Tree shaped maze. It's officially licensed by Bandai Namco and available in sizes from X-small to 3XL. Now, I say ugly, but I actually actually think it looks pretty awesome!

Pac-Man Christmas Tree SweatshirtPac-Man Christmas Tree SweatshirtBUY AT AMAZON


This next one is actually a printed sweatshirt rather than a jumper, but I really like the design and it is cheaper to buy than the two jumpers above. It comes only in black and is available in sizes from small to XXL. I really like the big snowflakes on the arms and the Christmas Tree maze really stands out and will certainly get noticed!

By the way, you can play Pac-Man for free at my website You will also find a full range of Pac-Man T-shirts

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


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