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Inflatable (Blow-Up) 80s Boombox Ghettoblaster Accessories

Four inflatable ghettoblasters with hip hop guy

If you want to instantly enhance the look of your 80s fancy dress costume, then an inflatable ghettoblaster/boombox is a perfect, low cost choice. This is actually the most popular accessory on my Simply Eighties website, and I'll show you the best suppliers below.

Of course, back in the 80s, a portable radio cassette stereo was an essential accessory if you wanted to be the coolest kid in town, and the bigger the better! I actually always wanted to carry one on my shoulder, just like the cool breakdancer guys in the music videos and movies, although doing so in the sleepy village where I lived at the time would have made me stand out like a sore thumb!

Now, because this inflatable stereo is so popular, there are actually dozens of suppliers selling them, and some are selling it at a rip-off price. So, I'm going to show you where to get the cheapest deal (the prices vary greatly!) and also some different designs.

Inflatable Blow Up 80s Boombox GhettpblasterCheck Price on Amazon


This link will take you to not only the best price I could find (as I write), but also the most popular listing. As you will see, the customer feedback is very positive indeed, and it has received 850 five star ratings so far.

Believe it or not, there are suppliers charging almost £10 for this item, so you definitely want to avoid them!

Inflatable Boombox and Giant Mobile PhoneCheck Price on Amazon


You can also buy the same item with a giant inflatable mobile phone. In the 80s, a phone the size of a brick was the only option for wannabe YUPPIE types!

Inflatable Gold Ghetto Blaster for 80s Hip Hop lookCheck Price on Amazon


I really like the look of this gold hip hop ghetto blaster by Rubie's. It's ideal for creating am 80s hip hop/rap look.However, it's a tad expensive compared to the other items in this post. If you want to become a Run DMC style hip hop star, then this next option is for you...

80s Run DMC Hip Hop Costume Set with inflatable ghettoblaster, bucket hat, gold chain and big glassesCheck Price on Amazon


This RUN DMC style costume set is actually great value, and includes the inflatable ghetto blaster, bucket hat, glasses and gold chain, turning you into an instant 80s hip hop star.

If you're into bright colours, then this yellow blow-up boombox may be your preference...

Yellow Inflatable Ghetto Blaster Portable StereoCheck Price on Amazon


Inflatable Silver 80s Cassette Radio BoomboxCheck Price on Amazon


Finally, I want to show you this silver radio cassette boombox by Widdman's, which features more realistic, 3D graphics, and I particularly like the speaker design and radio tuner on this one. 

All of the options I've provided for you are pretty low cost, which makes them ideal in this time of a cost of living crisis in the UK. I hope you find the inflatable boombox that's just right for your 80s costume.

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You'll find many more inflatable costume ideas at

Crouching Man wearing gold chain and baseball cap with a gold blow up ghettoblaster on his shoulder


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