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Neon 80s Aerobics Instructor Costume for Women

If you are looking for an eye-catching 80s fancy dress idea, then here is a costume that is most certainly that! New in at Amazon for Spring 2019 is this very colourful neon 80s aerobics/fitness instructor costume for women.

If you remember the 80s fitness craze or waking up to Mad Lizzie or The Green Goddess on breakfast TV during the 1980s, then you can celebrate those long lost years with this outfit. You may also remember those Jane Fonda fitness videos that were in almost every household!

This ladies outfit is very reasonably priced and is available in three different sizes from Amazon. Annoyingly, each one is listed separately, so here are all the links;

Size 6-8

Size 8-10

Size 14-16

Included is the neon jumpsuit which features a pink leotard, green leggings and faux yellow top all built-in. Plus, you receive a belt, wristbands and the sweatband.

This fun workout look is ideal for retro music festivals, fun runs, carnivals and general fancy dress.

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80s Digital Watches

There can be hardly anyone who lived through the 1980s who didn't own a digital watch at some point. Indeed, they became so popular that trying to find an old analogue watch in the Argos catalogue was like looking for a contraceptive pill in a convent.
LED Watches Digital Watches first launched in the 70s and featured a red LED display. Seiko and Texas Instruments were amongst the first companies to take them into mass production. However, they were problematic and used so much battery power that you needed to replace the battery every couple of weeks or so. Because of this, they were soon replaced by the more convenient LCD watches, and Casio became one of the market leaders during the 1980s.

This cool blue LED watch by Dxlta on Amazon comes with three different coloured strap choices, and it's ideal if you're on a tight budget.
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Most Popular 80s T-shirts for Men in 2019

For this post, I thought I'd take a look at what the most popular 80s T-shirts for men are, based on sales through our website There are many old favourites here such as "Choose Life", "I Love the 80s" and Top Gun.

However, there are plenty of new designs, including Roland from Grange Hill, Danny DeVito, Morrissey, and a very cool Predator T-shirt.

These tees are ideal for 80s parties, concerts and events, or just wearing as casual wear.

So without further ado, let's take a look at those tees...

Roland Grange Hill T-shirt for Men, S to XXLRainbow Zippy and George Men's T-shirt, S to XXLDanny DeVito 80s Scape T-shirt, S to XXLI Loveheart the 80s T-shirt for Men, S to XXLPac-Man Game Over T-shirt, black, S to XXLThe Goonies Never Say Die T-shirt, black, S to XXLPredator Alien Logo 80s Movie T-shirt, S to XXLBack to the Eighties Men's T-shirt, S to 3XL

Best I Love the 80s Fancy Dress Sets for Ladies

For this post, I want to share with you this fabulous "I Love the 80's" fancy dress set for women, which will allow you to show your love for the great decade in style.

The set contains all the accessories you need to create a fantastic costume, and comes in a choice of 8 colours; Black, blue, green hot pink, orange, purple, red and yellow. It also comes in four adult sizes from small to XX-large. Included is the off-shoulder, black T-shirt which features a brightly-coloured "I Love the 80's" graphic, shutter shades, ligntning bolt earrings, leg warmers, sweatbands for your wrists, bow headband, 4 multi-coloured beaded necklaces, and 4 mixed colour beaded bracelets.

As you can see, the price is pretty reasonable, and all of the accessories included will save you the hassle of purchasing them all separately.

All you need to add is a skirt, leggings or both to complete your look and give it a unique edge.

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