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Cheap 80s Costumes for £6.99

Is it really possible to buy an 80s themed costume for just £6.99?

Yes, of course, otherwise this post would be pretty pointless! Okay, I admit there isn't a lot of choice and there is nothing available for Men, just the ladies. So let's take a look and what you can get with under £7.

I Love 80s Dress for Women
I Love 80s Dress for Women

This dress by So West Fancy Dress features a colourful 80s graphic. It doesn't include any accessories, but for the price you can hardly complain. You can add as many or as few 80s accessories as you choose.

Please note that all prices in this post are, of course, subject to change. Therefore, I have included price widgets which will display the very latest prices.

Mario Dress Costume for Women
Mario Dress Costume for Women

This Mario plumber outfit is pretty complete and includes a stretchy dress, gloves and hat. It is not available in sizes 14-16 and 16-18. The price includes delivery! Size 8-12 is available from a different supplier, but at a higher price. Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros were extremely popular video games during the 80s, so the theme is ideal for 80s dress-up.

Polka Dot Skirt Costume
Polka Dot Tutu Set for Women
Polka dots were popular with celebrities including Strawberry Switchblade, Madonna and Princess Diana during the 1980s. This polka dot skirt with matching bow and gloves isn't quite a complete costume as it doesn't include a top, but just about any dark top will suffice and it is the skirt that is the showpiece. Add some bead necklaces to complete your look.

As mentioned, the choice of outfits is limited, but I was surprised to find anything available for the price, to be honest! Grab yourself a bargain before the prices rise.

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Back to the Eighties T-shirt
Back To The Eighties T-shirt
This is just about the cheapest 80s T-shirt available for women and it features a vibrant geometric design very reminiscent of the decade. Of course, at this price it's not likely to be hard-wearing, but for an 80s night out it's ideal.

I Loveheart the 80s T-shirt for Women
I Loveheart the 80s T-shirt

This T-shirt is pretty cheap, but the customer ratings pretty good, although comments suggest it is a little small and clingy. Please note that the T-shirt is not an off-shoulder design and comes with a round collar. It comes in three colours in sizes ranging from 8 to 20. I would suggest ordering at least a size up, particularly if you want to wear it off one shoulder. T-shirts were very much over-sized and baggy in the 80s, so two sizes up would be a safer bet.

Also visit our Cheap 80s Costumes page at for a full range of UK outfits available for under £15.


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